Obsidian plinth dust cover adjustment

My question is if the dust cover ''springs'' can be adjusted such that the cover stay in ''up position'' during
the play? My sample is not capable to keep this position.
You've actually got a Continuum Audio Labs OBSIDIAN turntable? Congratulations, I thought such things only existed in the realms of fantasy. 

Sorry I can't help you with the dust cover question. I didn't even know there was such a thing on such an exotic design.

I'm guessing that it can't because of the increase in resonances and feedback.

Maybe, gulp, just maybe there's another owner somewhere here on Audiogon who can answer this. Or perhaps more likely a dealer.

Failing that, you might have to contact Continuum Labs themselves. I'm sure they're nice people and will try to help.


Sorry cd318 my assumption was that everybody knows that
Obsidian plinth belong by SP 10 , mk2 or mk 3. 
My own solution is adhesive tape on both sides of the ''legs'' on
the cover. I keep the cover in up position during play and closed
otherwise. All the dust on the cover means no dust on the records
or the platter. I need to clean the cover each week.

Sorry my mistake. 

According to this picture on eBay at least one version of it can be used in this way.

Definitely, my SH10-B3 dust covers are raised all the way without falling.
Have you tried checking for loose screws?
There are screws on both hinge sides (the opposite of the cover
''legs'') but I was not able to strengthen the (possible) springs
 with those screws. The dust cover functioned long time as it
should but ''weakened'' later on. The only solution then was to
remove te cover during the play and (re) install back thereafter. 
As I already wrote my solution was to use adhesive tape on the
cover ''legs''. This way the ''thickness'' of the ''legs''  increased
somewhat and this solved the problem. Anyway so far.
My assumption was that ''many'' (?) of our members own 
Obsidian plinth but this assumption was obviously wrong.
There is no sense in asking advice if one can solve the problem
by himself (grin).

You can change the dust cover holders, not everyone use or even have a dust cover, so they could swap the holders with you. You could get a better dust cover holders this way. Just my advice. 

I am working on restored obsidian plinth now for local friend, his obsidian plinth does not have a dust cover, but the cover holders are still there on the plinth (useless). I could ask him. 

From the photos I am attaching you will see the hinges broken down and made up of multiple items of the Technics base SH 10 B3.

The bottom screw you see should serve to adjust the spring preload, you should adjust that screw by screwing it or unscrewing it to make the cover dust rise.
Also in the hinges of the plinth of the JVC QL7 there is a similar screw; if you tighten it too much, the lid does not remain raised and slides to the ground if it remains completely "unscrewed" the lid remains raised without any problem.
You just have to try to adjust that screw.

Dear chakster, I lost any hope when our encyclopedic member 
from Russian Federation was silent. One should not believe in
miracles or omniscient persons. Thanks for your specific advice
but I don't need one more  couple of those Obsidian hinge(grin).
Dear best-groove, When I purchased Technics SL 1000,mk2 
there was no user manual included. Despite of this I improved
the Obsidian plinth by removing its mediocre feet and provided 
with Technics pneumatic ''towers''. I was then very proud of myself. That was also the reason why I waited so long to ask for help...
Thanks for your ''input''. 

Dear best-groove , This question can be better answered by
our ''omniscient chakster''. Besides he own the biggest of
those ''towers''.

ok ok ok I already understood everything ... they are the usual and nowhere to be found Audio Technica 616
Dear best-groove, chakster like the most of us need to sell some
of his possessions in order to be able to buy some other .
Well his previous advice to me was to buy his ''bigger towers'' 
and get rid of my ( lesser kind?) . This way you can get my AT 616
while I can get chakster's  ''big guns''. So everybody wins(?). 

I am happy with the original Technics feet, the rubber is perfect in all 3 obsidian plinths I own; keeping them perfect and efficient with a rubber protector for several years ... I could sell them for new ones. LOL

Dear best-groove, I see you are happy with the ordinary AT feet.
But than why are you complaining that those AT 616 are ''nowhere
to be found''? 
best-groove, If one want to improve whatever component with
an new part one is assumed not to own already this part. The
reason is simple; this part can't then be ''new''. I had also no idea
about those AT ''towers'' and I certainly would not buy them if
I owned them already. To put this otherwise there is no logic
in your (both) post. I only quoted your previous post. 

Maybe you own the AT 636 and wanted to buy the AT 616 and sell the AT 636 to me? I can not think otherwise or vice versa were you kidding writing a simply ironic intervention?
I don't understand .... my english is very rusty!  LOL

I am happy to help with AT-616 
Isolation is not about turntables anymore, it's about life
Air Cargo is not cancelled yet, except for humans
I solved my problem as described and have no interest in
further discussion about the issue. Certainly not in an dispute .

Dear best-groove, I will try again. Properties of objects don't
depend from our will or, which the same, our psychology.
All relations between involved analog parts are physical. 
So they can be explained by physical science. The fact (?)
that you are happy with feet which you already own says
nothing about their properties. Those AT ''touwers'' are sold
as separates. My reason to buy them was the fact that reviews
about Obsidian plinth were not very positive. My guess was 
that this was because of those ''mediocre feet''. I wanted to
improve my Obsidian plinth and invested in those ''towers''.
Those ''towers'' are objective in the sense of their damping
properties. Those don't depend from my psychology. But one
can hear the difference. We use expressions like ''better than...''
to describe what we hear. If others also agree with this
''better than ...'' we have consensus. Our forum is about such
experiences which we share with others. That is a.o. how we
get ideas about possible improvement of our ''systems''. 

ok, now I understand that you really own them, I had seen an ironic thread with the chackster because it has been talking about it for a long time about the AT 616 and it has also been trying for a long time to sell them.

Yes I agree that better feet can make improvements but if I had to buy feet for my SH10B3 I would rather even ask to try more recent products at my dealer.
But for now it is important you have solved with the hinges.