Observations and simple mod for Elac Debut 6.2

I recently got my Elac Debut 6.2 for a price I couldn't pass up. Having enjoyed my original Debut for a while now I wanted to see what the "upgrade" was all about. First of all, it's an entirely different speaker. I don't think Elac is in any way trying to deny this but it has to be said that there is very little in common with the original. I still love the first series for how it makes me sit down and listen for long periods of time without longing for something that is missing. The original Debut was just musical as hell and I could easily live with it. I am, however, a speaker holic and I have gone through my fair share of speakers, tweaked, modified, etc. over the years. I usually have 4 or 5 sets around. It's a problem..... I really started enjoying the 6.2 after about a week of break in but I decided what the hell and went ahead and bypassed the HF 3.3uf poly cap (it's a fairly generic yellow variety you often find in lower priced gear). I used an Audyn True Copper .1 as a bypass and HOLY COW!. Now, I'm not sure Andrew Jones would sanction such a thing and I fully understand why but I have to say it is like magic fairy dust for these speakers. It doesn't intrude, push the high frequencies forward or "sharpen" the sound at all. What it does do is elevate the music to a whole new level of transparency (which was already outstanding). The main reason I thought I would share is because it's a fairly simple operation and the caps are reasonably priced as well. There's ample room on the bottom side of the crossover board which is easily removed with four screws. The Audyn caps fit perfectly underneath and the whole thing took me ten minutes. Rarely have I had a simple tweak result in such a satisfying, eye opening improvement over what was a great speaker to begin with- especially at around a $300 price tag. The bypass cap also helped put a bit of focus on the bass frequencies and give them a little more punch and definition and these speakers have very fine bass response. I highly recommend this tweak but even without it I highly recommend the Debut 6.2 to anyone looking for an excellent budget priced speaker. I'm not sure I would tell someone who has the original that they need to upgrade unless they're looking for something new. I'll still be listening to the original Debut for some time to come.
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