Obscure Gems - found Streaming - Chime in

One of my favorite things about modern streaming services is discovering new music / artists I probably would not have found otherwise.

I subscribe to Tidal and really enjoy it 

My latest discovery is -

Maggie Herron - ' Good Thing'.  Female vocal Jazz.  She reminds me a little of Cleo Laine. 

Excellent Album - little know artist from Hawaii. 
There is another thread, an old but ongoing one, which discusses "what are you streaming tonight". A lot of the responses are just what someone is streaming at the moment but there are also lots of 'new' discoveries recommended there as well.

Things I've discovered lately:

Bishop Gunn, new, blues based roots rock out of Mississippi

Vintage Trouble, new-ish, R&B/blues revival rock out of L.A.

Marcus King soul/blues based southern rock out of South Carolina. Pretty new.

Leon Bridges, already a rising star, R&B revival. Probably the best of this bunch. Serious high quality R&B. Writing, lyrics, voice, arrangement all top notch.
Love Vintage Trouble - so agreed on that one.

I'll check out the others.

When I was using Spotify, they offered a 'Discover' tab which offered music related to the music you played or added to favorite.
I found many interesting composers via the Discover link.
Amazon Music has a "Recommended" tab. It is based on your browsing and listening history. I’ve found stuff that way. It does okay but still the majority of it is stuff I would never listen to. Not even remotely. Hard to figure out what the algorithm is.

@dougsat I am not a festival fan. I’ve been to one. 1996. It was walking distance from my home. There were only about 6 bands. They were all rising in popularity at the time. They played average set lengths and the whole thing was over in about 3 hours. Perfect.

But that’s not what I see in most of these other festivals. Many, many bands, hours and hours of sets, crowds, difficult parking etc.

I’ve also watched videos on some bands I’ve seen in small venues playing in festivals. It is a totally different vibe. At the small venues everyone there is there to see that one specific band. They are into it and focused on what they came to see. At festivals it seems like half the people are there to see someone else, they don’t seem engaged with the act on the stage, etc. Just not my cup of tea.

I'm also a grumpy old man.