Obbligato caps or Jantzen Z Cap Superior for Mirage M1 Crossover?

Im re-capping the crossovers in my Mirage M1 speakers, was curious if anyone has used either of the Jantzen Z Cap Superior or the Obbligato Gold Caps. I was planning on using one of these for the tweeters and possibly the midranges, and Mundorf mkp or Solen PB Series for the rest of the caps. Your thoughts are appreciated.
 Also if anyone is familiar with looking at circuit boards would you mind taking a look at my circuit board help me determine which cap feeds the tweeters. THANKS TO ALL WHO HELP ME--

TO SEE CROSSOVER PICTURE CLICK LINK  https://postimg.org/image/er6t30pon/
Thank you for posting that link, I have looked at it and found a couple pictures, but I haven't been able to decipher from that project, what caps are correlated to the tweeters. Not sure if I missed something but I haven't found it yet.
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From what I see on your picture,  the 225k 100vDC (yellow lettering),4X3.3uf 250v (pink lettering), 1.5uf 250v+4uf 200v (blacking lettering) are for the tweeters,
The 10uf 100v + 47uf 100v (red letters) are for woofers,
the rest of the cap are for mid drivers,
Hope this help
Hey thanks for your feedback. Does anyone know of higher end caps like mundorf  in the value  225K 100vdc? Seems like all the good caps are AC not DC, am I missing something here.
I looked at the diy M1 crossover and the traces look some what different than mine. Also the values listed are also appear to be different. For example there is a row of radial caps starting with one 10uf, two 8 uf's and two 6.8 uf's. In the DIY crossover the values of those are different.  I am wondering if this is not the same as mine.
Does anyone know of higher end caps that are a little smaller. The four 3,3 caps that are in a four in a row configuration are 10mm wide and 25mm long (these being the caps to replace). The mundorfs, obbligattos or the jantzens are kinda big like 30-60mm long and 17-25mm wide. If not I wonder if I can do some creative maneuvering to get those bigger caps on the board. 
The 10uf is parallel with the 47uf to form a 57uf,
Two 6.8uf = 13.6uf,
Two 8uf =16uf,
yes, I noticed your crossover is different, as long as you use the same value of cap from your crossover everything should be fine.
One last thing... I wanted to use the obbligato caps, but there to long. However I can get the Mundorf EVO aluminium in oil on the board. Has any used these.