O.k after making some adjustments the sound is off the charts.This is BIG.

Sam here and in a previous post i talked about the great pyramid of giza built 2500 years ago being a resonator for sound frequencies and here’s what i learned. The sarcophagus within the kings chamber of the great pyramid of giza resonates at A = 438 hertz frequency and the kings chamber itself resonates at an F# or 368.31 hertz frequency. Now i took the 368.31 hertz measurment exactly not realizing the .31 was not used so i tried 368 hertz frequency and the results were better and then i tried 369 hertz frequency and the sound improvement was off the charts.Now i have no idea what the significance of 369 hertz frequency is in relation to sound  however there is something very magical about that frequency and the egyptians knew what it was. You have vinyl cut from an analog source,Vinyl cut from a digital source,analog tape,Digital audio. All of these have there own sound signatures. And now you have 369 hertz audio and it has it’s own unique sound signature that might possibly be superior to anything i have ever heard. Here are some audio sample’s for you to judge my theory on.

Bob Dylan - just like a woman 1966 digital download flac 16/44 same source before/after.

before http://u.pc.cd/Xfs

after http://u.pc.cd/jJwitalK
Links like this make me nervous, I won't open them.  
Chuck here and what Sam has discovered is the vestigial remnant of the Mothership that first came to Earth and forgot to come back for the landing party. They were forced to intermingle their DNA with ours, traces are still there, one of them being the affinity for the Mothership wavelength. Few of us today uncover the engrams and figure this out. Fewer still live to tell the tale. Because there wasn’t just a Mothership. The real reason they died out was the Othership. Be careful, Sam. The Egyptians knew, and look what happened to them. All gone. Be very very careful.
I thought the King's chamber resonated at 16.2Hz,   Where did you come up with 368?
What this shows, you simply cannot parody an audiophile. They already are.

I read 81Hz for the King's chamber, but there was no mention of the meter used (Radio Shack w/o correction?) or of any room/chamber treatments that may have been added/installed.

I sometimes wonder if GuitarSam is really Ray Stevens/GuitarZan goofing us.

Love Ray and Sam seems to be cool too.

Sam here and after further investigation it apears that the pyramid of giza resonates multiple frequencies so 81hz is one of those frequencies so DeKay is correct. with the sarcophagus within the kings chamber resonating at 438hz https://oursounduniverse.com/f-what-is-it-all-about/ and the kings chamber itself sesonating at F#.Using this frequency chart https://pages.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreq438.html lf A = 438hz then F# would be 368.31hz rounded up to 369hz.The overall resonate frequency of the great pyramid of giza is 33hz.My testing continues as i don’t believe i have found the true frequency and as good as 369hz is i believe the true frequency will be almost 3D like in it’s sound quality.
Do not hesitate to return and update everyone with this critical work.
The world is waiting......
OK Sam, but...

Have you taken into consideration the stacks of emmer wheat flatbread and the numerous baskets/bowls of grapes, figs and dates that would have also been present in the chamber?

Wouldn’t they have had an affect on the Hz?

You want to get this right - right? 

Ray Stevens
Country Hall Inductee 2019.
Sam, you're hertzin my ears.
I love Ray Stevens, and am warming up to Guitar Sam.

Should I be concerned???
Should I be concerned???
Be afraid...be very afraid.
Tune in folks for next week's thrilling installment of Play it again Sam!
Ray opened a hall on the southside of Nashville. Hope it survives the pandemic.

Just curious.

Were you by any chance abducted by aliens?
And did they perform, you know, 
 " experiment's" on you?
Yes uberwaltz i was abducted by aliens in 1978 stillwell kansas and after that i had golden blood which is AB negative with 0 antigens.Only 5 people in the U.S are known to have that blood type.l also have psychic ability.Good call.
Well played sir, well played!
Here's a quick anecdote about the Grateful Dead, their shows at the Giza Sound and Light Theater, played at the foot of the sphinx and the great pyramids in 1978, and their sound man trying to harness some of that kings (echo) chamber magic (as well as one of the shows taking place during a lunar eclipse. They say that by the third show, more Bedouins emerged from the desert to watch the shows than there were deadheads present.

Article:  https://thegratefuldead.fandom.com/wiki/Rocking_The_Cradle:_Egypt_1978

The concerts played with time and space, as Egypt itself is timeless. The mass of the Great Pyramid warped local dimensions. The vast, ancient structures with which the music of the Grateful Dead attempted to come into phase and alignment hosted us in silent grandeur. We tried to draw them into the music by using the King's Chamber deep inside the Great Pyramid as an echo chamber. Dan Healy set up a radio link from a PA tower to the corner of the Great Pyramid, and from there John Cutler had run a 2,000-foot length of wire up through the Ascending Passage and the Grand Gallery to a speaker in the King's Chamber. A microphone picked up the sound and sent the feedback to the radio relay and thence to Healy's mixing console.

Throughout the first set on September 16, I traveled back and forth between these locations, facilitating communications. Courtenay Pollock, original Grateful Dead tie-dyeist, "om-ed" in the Sarcophagus. Ultimately we failed to make the connections work, and the Great Pyramid remained a silent witness. Some said that a genie had bamboozled us; others that the wiring was cheap and flawed. But as I went back and forth from the stone silence of that inner chamber to the festive panorama of the concert, I felt an enhanced connection to the music of the spheres.

It helped that the full moon was in total eclipse, a cosmic event unforeseen when the MIDS booked the concert dates six months before. But such entrainment was the order of the day, for another event was taking place. The Camp David peace talks between Begin and Sadat, which had been in secret negotiation mediated by President Jimmy Carter, were even at that moment reaching agreement, and on the following day, September 17, the historic Peace Accord between Israel and Egypt was signed. To have found ourselves simultaneously in tune with cosmic and worldly events at the Great Pyramid was a humbling experience.

Great post  mike_in_pa after further research and testing i came across an article about how the great pyramid of giza when tested resonated at 33hertz for the entire pyramid.also the queens chamber which sits directly below the kings chamber is a perfect octave above the F# 369 hertz frequency of the kings chamber and when i ran test on the 33hertz frequency it is 100% superior to the 369 hertz frequency and comes closer than any other frequency i have ever tried up till now to replicate the sound of analog cut vinyl. http://u.pc.cd/cfdrtalK
Mike in pa......
I am envious of that experience. What a trip that must have been! Pun intended. The Dead played like no other band I have ever seen live..... Fortunately I saw them many times while living in Cali....Am grateful I went to their last show at Soldier Field..... 
guitarsam- that's a great read and certainly piqued my lifelong interest further.
mhmeyers- we are everywhere indeed. I was also a lucky one to see them, more shows in cali than any other state, and more oakland coliseum shows than at the my hometown philly spectrum (saw everyone from 9-9-88 through 94)
And- that last show on 7-9-95....I left my home before I received the ticketmaster tix, assumed they were at willcall, not the case, but after they verified my story i was issued an entry voucher. Upon arriving back home after the tour I had an envelope waiting for me. So- I still have the voucher and unused ticket. I reckon it'll be worth at least face value someday, but sentimentally 10x the face value.

Nice to chat, this seems like a nice place with lots to offer, i can hopefully contribute.
Yes uberwaltz i was abducted by aliens in 1978 stillwell kansas and after that i had golden blood which is AB negative with 0 antigens.Only 5 people in the U.S are known to have that blood type.l also have psychic ability.Good call.
I don't think he's kidding...
I don't think he's kidding...
I dont think I care any more........
Total agreement.
His schtick is really getting stale.