O'heocha oheocha D2 Saturn anyone?

I just saw and heard these amazing speakers. I was blown away. I looked up and found they are a Brit company. Anyone else heard or seen these?

I've only seen them in pictures, but I have the lower model D2 (without the extra bottom subs), they sound amazing, very nice imaging but lack of deep bass. I pair them with a M&K sub.
May I ask where you bought them? The new D2s are seriously expensive.
They're sure not in the US. I bought them from someone who brought them into the US from Germany.
I know I'm a little late on this, as I just saw this question, but I have the D2-ISO-5's (has the bottom subs). They are great speakers but because they are chrome, they are difficult to clean and show any minor scratch. The only issue I have is the tweeter, as they are pretty delicate; I have since blown a tweeter and am scrambling to find out how to fix. Unfortunately they are no longer sold in the US and I’m trying to see if I can send back to the factory for repair. Anywhere in the US they can be repaired?