NYC Stereo Consultant ?

Hello all -

Looking for someone in NYC to come over and take a look at my system and give me some general advice and especially balance my turntables!

Anyone know of a good source in New York City ?

Thank you ,

My System
Amp: Primarei30 - Silnote Poseidon GL Reference Power
CD: Primare CD31 - Cardas Cross XLR
TT: 2 x Technics 1200 MKII
TT AMP: Primare R20 - Silnote Morpheous Reference II RCA
Mixer: Ecler Nuo 2.0 - Silnote Morpheous Reference II RCA
Server: Antipodes DXe - Cardas Clear USB
DAC: Music Fidelity M1 DAC - Kimber Kable Hero  XLR
Speakers: ELAC 247 Sapphire - Silnote Poseidon XT Cable w/ Poseidon Ultra Jumpers
I like Mike Trei for table set up work- he is based in NY and a known quantity. As to consultant on system, the issue to my mind is whether you are relying on advice from someone who sells gear- if so, there is always the potential that the advice will be in the dealer's interest. Not to say there aren't dealers who are righteous- in NY, Jeff at High Water Sound comes to mind. There are also folks who, like Jim Smith--just mentioned in another thread-- do an onsite evaluation, set up and voicing of the system. Not sure that's what you want or need. 
The ultimate test, aside from proper set-up of table and overall set up of system in the room, is how you like it. And that's really hard to do without evaluating the components in your room, on your system, with a range of music over time, not just a quick demo in a showroom. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question....
wow high-end DJ-studio setup!

JohnnyR (audioconnection) is a Agon member. He offered to help me set up my system on Long Island. Perhaps you should contact him and see if he can help you.
Mike Trei is the NY area turntable guru. He set up a friend's table spectacularly well.
Hi Ethan

You can contact Bob Shuster of Shuster Sound. He is out in Long Island but often works in NYC. He has worked on my turntables and one of them was a Technics 1200 Mk2. He has worked on all sorts of gear and all types of Technics 1200s for radio stations and for the enthusiast.

"Midnight Bob" Shuster

Serving the New York City Metropolitan Area

Phone: (631) 862-TAPE (862-8273)
Craig barron is a fantastic installer and tweaker with a background in high end sales and work for major recording studios.   He has given me great insight into system optimization and set up and is in Manhattan/nyc often. (845) 366-0735

We do extensive service all over the City and we do work on turntables. 

We can bring over cables and accessories to tune your system and we sell many brands of gear as well which can help in the planning of the next phases of a system. 

One of the ways to bring a system to the next level is to find the accessoreis that will bring out the ultimate performance elements of that system. We use Isoacoustics, Stillpoints, Shakti Innovations, several different brands of power conditioning, and ASR products along with speaker positioning to acchieve the results we are trying to create. 

Dave and Troy 
Audio Doctor NJ
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