NYC expo waldorf astoria april 13-15 2012

I searched in the forum for any threads relating to this event and am surprised no one has mentioned it.
Any announcements as too exhibitors, lectures or demos. I read sound by singer will be there, who is that???
Is that why no one is bothering to start a thread?
The list of exhibitors include mbl, woo, vas, wilson, sceana, audio note, burmester, chord, vpi, dartzeel, berning, kef, pass, sound smith, tad, tron, verity, walker, and ME I'll be there.
Update: Good news, my new friend is still with me. Bad news, she is not interested in going to the show.. I should have seen that coming :)
No bikini, guys :(
Man up DUDE you missed a wonderful show!!
I am soooooooo glad I came to this show it was well worth it. It was good to see a big turn out so that we can keep this nyc show going.
I thought the best rooms were
sound smith
gradient helsinki
the clue
and harbeths at the gradient room.
I am sad to see few threads or replies on this events posts.
Also I hope they keep it at the waldorf its a classy place and that we don't have to wait years for the next show.
Anyone know if they plan on coming next year, I asked last year and they told me it was on for this year and voila they kept their promise.
Cross your fingers lets keep this alive.