NYC - Compare computer rig w/ conventional?

Anybody want to compare my hard drive setup with their system at their place? I'll bring the gear and the booze.

Here's what I can bring over:

Computer loaded with ~600 cds in .flac (I can also burn your reference cd for comparison on the spot.)

Benchmark DAC totally modified by Steve at Empirical Audio along with his 'Off Ramp' which allows the Benchmark to be used with the USB port on a computer.

Benchmark DAC unmodified (and can't be used with my computer as I'm currently setup.)

This would be a great opportunity to see if a hard drive system beats out your transport.

It's also a great way to compare the Empirical Audio modified Benchmark DAC with an unmodified one.

If I had a great transport I could do this on my own but it wouldn't be as much fun. If you discover you like the hard drive system better you might be in for a really exciting change (and perhaps save some serious money.)

Anyway, let me know what you think. Maybe we could get a few of us together and even swap out transports. My listening room is no good for this kind of thing otherwise I'd host.

Any takers?
Kublakhan should hook up with the New York Rave guys over on audiocircle. These fellows have a lot of fun swapping and listening to different gear. Some of them are nice enough to swap gear with audiophiles not in New York. As a whole ..very friendly and giving people on this site.

Good listening
Gmood1, thanks for that! I never knew about that site. I'll post there but of course, audiogon is like my home and would love for members to come by for the test drive.
Kublakhan..LOL..Once you hook up with The New York Ravers on AC. Audiogon will become your third home! ;-)