NYC audio dealers

I'm going to be in New York (mostly Brooklyn, some time in Manhattan) the week of Thanksgiving, and was wondering if anyone could suggest audio dealers there that might be worth a visit. I'm not looking to bring home a pair of monoblock amps in my overhead bag, just want to window-shop, as it were.
@john_g How did you enjoy NYC? Find any good places?
@4hannons Nah, too busy seeing art galleries. Did see Bob Dylan live at the Beacon Theater, which was pretty cool for a life-long old fan like me.

Here's what he played:

Fantastic, seems you found something better to do this time, I would've died to see Dylan, especially #17. I'm a huge fan of Slow Train Comin'.
This Dylan tour and his stop at the Beacon was his best in many, many years. I highly recommend that any Dylan fan catch it. BTW, I have seen him at least 3-4 times in the last decade and was very disappointed. I had given up. Glad I gave it another shot.