NYAL Moscode 600 tube rolling

Looking for tube replacement suggestions from my old Westinghouse tubes that have been in the amp for probably 30 years.  Nothing wrong with the existing tubes, but I'm figuring they should be replaced by now to improve sound?  The amp takes three 6DJ8's (which I think 6922's are the same), two 6FQ7's, and two 6LU8's.  I was hoping to get them all from Mullard, but they don't seem to make all of these.  Suggestions?
I own a Moscode 150. Mine uses just four tubes (dual-triodes) in the front end. I will only use pre-1970 tubes (US, UK, Holland, Germany, Japan). Used ones are fine as long as they test GOOD for emissions. Avoid present-day Russian and Chinese (quality and lifespan questionable!). Vintage tubes will have the best lifespan and sound!
There are NO more REAL Mullards and Telefunken's being made today! These are all East European inferior copies. Hunt down and buy the ORIGINALS - even used (as long as cathode emissions test GOOD)!