I am looking for a preamp for this amp. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I've got a Moscode Minuet Hybred Preamp that may go well with it's big brother 600 amp. It has a tubed phono section and the tubed / transistor line section. Seems like they were made for each other (or at least made next to ech other).
Hi Dvu969

I owned a Moscode 600 for a few years a while back. I used several different pre's with it during the time I had it. I would be glad to offer a recommendation, but i need more information: what components in the rest of your system, and what kind of sound do you like, tubey and dark, leaner and more detailed etc.?
I have matched this monster to two different Krell pre-amps and most recently to Audible Illusions Modulus. The Krells were tight, clean, awesome in their soundstanging. But high-end would roll off. The AI, on the otherhand, doesn't control bass as well, but the lush tube sound is very sweet. Depends on your music tastes, I guess. I originally had the Moscode 600 (with mods) being fed by the Melos GK-1 preamp. Wide open and gorgeous sound. Try it all!
You may use just about any pre-amp you want with your Moscode 600. The high impedance input to the 600 (256K) makes matching a non issue. You will, however, hear the differences in the pre-amps you try. You just need to pick one you like and enjoy the music. The last time I saw George Kay he asked if I would purchase a new 401 ($5000) and I said I didn't feel the need as my old Moscode 300s and 600 sounded just fine. He then said that he always felt those amps to be underpriced. Maybe that's why NYAL went out of business.