NYAL booklet- Any value

I have a 118 page booklet called "Understanding Tube Electronics"--- A Study In: Natural Harmonics Audio, written by Harvey Rosenburg Of New York Audio Labs in 1984, apparently just after Julius Futterman passed on his rights and patents to his OTL designs. I was wondering if this would be of any value to a tube afficianado or NYAL collecter.
I'm sure it would be. I did a short search on Google and found zip re value.
Harvey was a legend.
Lots of stuff like this goes on Ebay all the time.
I have no idea what a market value price is.
How much do you want for it?
Email me with a price and/or put it on ebay.

I remain
Clueless, I paid $5.00 in 1984 directly from NYAL. I personally talked to Harvey on that day and he was in a hurry to go on some Harley motorcycle outing. We talked briefly about George Kaye's "new" Moscode designs. I never did buy any NYAL stuff as it was out of my price range. This booklet, though, has some interesting philosophy by Harvey and is loaded with pictures of some of Julius Futterman's early amps. The reason I was curious of the booklet's worth is because I was cleaning out my closet and decided to sell a slew of Stereophile and Absolute magazines that date from 1983-1992. I am currently putting together a list to advertise them and then I found this NYAL catalog. I remain, Sherod
Sherod: While the value of this is probably next to nothing, i'd like to read that just for kicks. Being the "good & kind soul" that i am, i'd be willing to double your investment and pay for proper packaging and shipping. Your Friend, Sean : )
Sean, I believe that NYAL is no longer. Am I right? If that is the case, then there is no longer a copyright infringement, so perhaps I could make good photocopies of it and send it to all those interested. You are probably right that it is has no value, if not sentimental. It is interesting reading though, a must for not just tube-aholics, but for all audiophiles. Harvey was the "ultimate" tube nut. His passion for tubes goes deep into his soul. Just reading some of his philosophies is almost a religious experience.If there was a way to get copies of this to everyone, I'd do it. I'm not out to make any money on it. Every red-blooded audiophile should read this booklet once just for the experience. Harvey had a respect and love for Julius Futterman that was very deep and strong.Obviously Mr. Futterman was very aware of that as it was Harvey who got Julius' patents and rights to his designs.Also in this booklet there are reprints of reviews from IAR,etc.on certain classics like the Futterman H3AA and OTL-3 amps.
Hi Clueless. It's interesting that you mentioned that this stuff was advertised on Ebay. I just typed in Harvey Rosenberg and what do you know, this same booklet along with two others are up for bid together. There is a little over a day left of bidding. So far the high bid is at $27.00.
Sherod: I was just joking that the material that you have was of little value. Someone somewhere is always willing to pay good money for someone else's junk. Just look at Audiogon and Ebay for further proof : ) On top of that, when someone offers to "do you a favour" and is willing to do so at twice the money that you have into it, you should suspect that something is up : )

Honestly though, i don't know what would be involved in copying this and / or the legalities involved, but i would be interested in obtaining a decent copy at a reasonable price. If you were to ever make duplicates of this, please contact me, I would be willing to compensate you for your efforts and expenses. Sean
Hi Sherod:

said above by Sean >>Someone somewhere is always willing to pay good money for someone else's junk.

I just bid it up to $51.hehe
The norm is for bids to go up quite a bit the last few minutes.

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Harvey would have loved this thread...God bless his soul!
Remember, he was the one who once publically stated, that we should not only mortgage our homes, but also pimp our grannies to buy a decent stereo rig. He glowed, like his tubes and occasionally he blew up and caused shorts all over...like his tubes. Lovely man, not one of those p.c. bores, who abound these days. Also sprach ye olde curmudgeon,
Nice Eulogy Detlof.
Well, for the record, the E-bay books by Harvey went for just over $150.

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I saw that Ebay auction, Clueless. Hmmmm,oh,well, if I were greedy... Does anyone want a copy before I auction off the original?
Clueless and Sean. Since you were the only ones to show any interest, I will send you both copies at no charge. Please E-mail me your addresses.I am going to get some photocopies made later this week.This offer is good until tomorrow as I am only going to make a few copies and auction the original off on Ebay.
Sherod, that is EXTREMELY kind of you and way more than i could ever ask of anyone. I'll contact you privately. Sean

Thanks Sherod. The level of generosity is so high normally I'd be too embarrassed to take it and beg off but I'm so curious about what the Giz has to say in his long out of print offering that I simply can't refuse. When are you putting the original up for bid?

I'll send you an email too.

And Detlof. Once I get mine I'd be happy to oblige if you are interested in a copy too. Should be most interesting reading and, since the Giz has left us, I see no real harm in copying.

I remain
So maybe I can bum a copy out of one you guys too? I just caught on to this!
I still enjoy and use Craig's "invaluable and complete guide to internet resources on tubes" (and not limited to tubes)...
To whom it may concern: I have just listed the original Harvey Rosenberg booklet in an Ebay auction.

Well dang nab if I can find it on Ebay. I'll keep looking.
My copy was in the mail when I got home today and I've been in it for a couple hours. Harvey quotes from Easy Rider and Lao Tzu on the first page! hehehehe

The "Family Album" on Futterman is excellant.

Thanks Sherod!

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He Whom it may concern,
Clueless,it is interesting reading, isn't it? I wonder if Sean got his copy?
Mine showed up today too. I am amazed at how fast it made it to the Chicagoland area from Texas. THANK YOU for taking the time to do this for us Sherod. You should have something in your mailbox sometime later this week : ) Sean
Ebay got it up. By the way, you did an excellent job reproducing the pamphlet Sherod.


(who am I to talk?)
I remain,
I know, I know. All great minds use their real name. I was frustrated late one night when I initially registered on Ebay and someone else already had used Sherod, so Dorkbrains came to mind. I'm glad you are enjoyin the booklets. I paid someone at Kinko's to put it together for me. Have a great week. I remain, Dorkbrains
Sean, yes it is pretty amazing how quickly the mail can get to other parts of the world from Texas, especially since we stopped using Pony Express, ha,ha. I was being sarcastic.
Sean, I received the "Greasy Spoon" donation. You are too kind. Thanks and enjoy the reading. As our beloved Clueless would say, I remain...
For you "Gizmo" fans, here's an interesting website you might find interesting: www.meta-gizmo.com