NY Times articles about turntables

Not too bad:

Both types typically wear out in 600 to 800 hours of use.
Here's a quick link to make it easier to view.
For the NYT, this is momentous! Usually, the Times mocks anything to do with audiophilia or better sound, followed by angry letters to the editor from Mikey Fremer, which are not published. A big step forward for the Times and for our hobby, as well!
The cartridge is mounted on the end of the tonearm and holds the stylus, or needle. “The stylus is where everything happens,” said Michael Pettersen, director of applications engineering for Shure, which makes cartridges. “When you buy a $100 cartridge,” he said, “the needle is $90 of the cost.”

LOL!! I don't think so. Where do they get this stuff???
... In the end, it’s as much art as science.

That is the audiophile absolution for
"Hey, I have absolutely no idea from anything, but I can afford it"
I was impressed that the author spelled "turntable" correctly.
Raquel thank you for your response, one of the best laughs I have had in awhile, great line
Yeah Raquel, LOL, you had me laughing too. Great line.
Thanks for the post, surprised the article appeared in the Times.