NY Audio Show September 26th to September 28th

Its in Brooklyn this year.
The New York Audio Show is your only chance to hear the world's best and latest audio and high resolution technologies in one place. Compare hundreds of hi-fi, headphone and home entertainment brands before you buy. Sit down and listen to some of the world's best systems. Learn about the latest technology & how to stream music around your home, how to turn your computer into a high-end audio source, and more.

From the new high resolution technology and digital delivery to classic vinyl and glowing valves, it's all at the New York Audio Show, at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge Hotel, from September 26th to September 28th 2014.
Symposium is listed he will not be there maybe 1 guy will have a platform .Lets see who really show up!!
Ebm, are you in NYC or are you planning to RSVP? It's almost 2 months away they posted note.
Guys - the adds started after the show, last year. Come vist but dont drive - no place to park. Fugheddaboudit.
Stereophile: Little ad in calendar of industry events wow what a cheap company.
Correct! Audio show should be as big as tour of Madonna or even BIGGER! Hate cheap stuff!
That's a big Marriott. I stayed there about 5 years ago while working in Dumbo.
I'm glad you mentioned their is no parking there, cause i would have tried to drive down there.
I'll take the train
EBM will be doing review of this show for TAS, probably around Thanksgiving time.

Head down the street in Brooklyn to OHM for some real good sounding good value speakers that many might actually be able to afford, especially in Manhattan!

No turkeys there! May not be very pretty though.....

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Review over. Yours truly, Ebm
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08-30-14: Ebm
Save your money get a real amp.

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Does anyone know if Spatial is going to be there with their newish Hologram?
To the OP and others, sorry for derailing this thread. Please,
go to, support and enjoy the show. Regional audio shows are
becoming one of the very few ways to hear/audition gear that
many would never get the chance to. I heard the Spatial
speakers at Axpona this year. For what they cost they are
pretty good. The imaging was a little low to the floor IMO.
That may be able to be fixed with more tilt back of the
speaker or listening a little farther back than in that small
hotel room. They are certainly worth an audition for those
looking in that price range.
The word is idol, you genius. Keep lobbing the softballs up there. Sorry again everyone, but I couldn't let that one go, too easy.
08-31-14: Czarivey
wow never seen ebm talkin' so much and always it ends with EXLAMATION!!!
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If people go, here's a discount coupon for the tickets to the audio show.

Select your ticket type (one, two, or all three days) and then on the next page, enter coupon code H2e0a1d4fi to get the discount
It's going to be free turkey with $10k purchase of audio/video equipment, otherwise it's going to be on sale overthere 50% off!!!
Bon apetite and get ready fer toikie day!
Theduke, Ebm mentioned turkey several times. It looks like it's a dinner party premature to Thanksgivings.
Check with venue LOL!
I got word that Triode Wire Labs will be teaming up with Volti Audio (http://www.voltiaudio.com) and Raven Audio (http://www.ravenaudio.com) for this upcoming NY Audio Show in Brooklyn. They will be in room 349. I have no affiliation with any of these companies but I have met Pete from Triode Wire Labs and he is a real nice guy.
I knew EBM for many years(decades actually)and in reality he is a warm and very nice fellow.Humor can be misinterpreted and that is what has happened here,imo.
I see Naim will have their Statement amps and statement preamp on the JM Lab Stella Utopia speakers.