NY audio show 2022

This question addressed to audio folks-living close to NYC --- Are you going to audio show NYC September 9-10 , or you think is too small and decided to pass?


@theoriginalthor1 actually, none of us know who didn't show because nobody told us and at least I wasn't there. Thanks for your quick hit impressions...about the only relevant post in the last page poli-drama. Volti rooms sound good every time I hear them too. Cheers,


Back to the topic at hand -- the actual show...

Shoutout to @verdantaudio for putting together a system that (i) is NYC apartment friendly and (ii) sounded good! The other apt-friendly setup I heard -- Harbeth and Luxman -- just did not work for me.

Wilson Benesch stand-mounts with tubed mono blocks. It did not unnaturally spotlight detail and toed the line between being engaging and graceful/easeful. Well done! Wish I could have stayed longer.


I thought it was a good show.  I agree with the Harbeth/Luxman comment.  That room just didn't work for me.  They did play a 45rpm version of the Doors " LA Woman" that was outstanding.  The rooms I really liked were the Volti/Border Patrol and the AudioNote.  


         I listen to 1010 WINS am radio, and watch local news stations like NY1 News. That's where I hear stories and watch stories,  along with video footage, about all the crime in New York City and its boroughs. These media outlets have nothing to do with Newsmax. Almost every day, there are multiple shootings, stabbings, rapes, and attempted rapes, along with robberies and carjacking incidents. They even show photos captured on video of the suspects. Many of the suspects are later captured or turn themselves in because their pictures were shown on the news.