NY audio show 2022

This question addressed to audio folks-living close to NYC --- Are you going to audio show NYC September 9-10 , or you think is too small and decided to pass?

volti audio room _great live sound(downloads?) audionote uk-discovered a new record mola mola-paradigm in mone cables room-excellent we all know who didnt show!

@theoriginalthor1 actually, none of us know who didn't show because nobody told us and at least I wasn't there. Thanks for your quick hit impressions...about the only relevant post in the last page poli-drama. Volti rooms sound good every time I hear them too. Cheers,


Back to the topic at hand -- the actual show...

Shoutout to @verdantaudio for putting together a system that (i) is NYC apartment friendly and (ii) sounded good! The other apt-friendly setup I heard -- Harbeth and Luxman -- just did not work for me.

Wilson Benesch stand-mounts with tubed mono blocks. It did not unnaturally spotlight detail and toed the line between being engaging and graceful/easeful. Well done! Wish I could have stayed longer.


I thought it was a good show.  I agree with the Harbeth/Luxman comment.  That room just didn't work for me.  They did play a 45rpm version of the Doors " LA Woman" that was outstanding.  The rooms I really liked were the Volti/Border Patrol and the AudioNote.