NY Audio Show

Anyone going?   Looks like a nice show this year in a very nice venue.   Wish I could make it.  OHM Acoustics/speakers will have a room for first time ever at a show that I know of.  Would love to meet John Strohbeen. Sounds like a very competitive setup he wil have there for very modest cost.  Interested to hear what others find there.
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Hi mapman. I'm not going either. I also know that Golden Ear Technology will not be there. If you were going I would provide you with a 10% discount code redeemable when making an online ticket purchase.  www.chestergroup.org/newyorkaudioshow/2016/exhibiting
Gd thanks for pointing that out.

Maybe others who can go can take advantage of the discount.

Are you affiliated with Goldenear? I think they are based right down teh road from me in Maryland. Several local dealers sell them. I’ve liked the larger Aon monitors in particular when I’ve heard them. Big sound for the $$$s compared to many others and very easy on the ears.
Im going not expecting much though.Will be having Audiophile dinner after the show.
I'll be there. Nice location. Hoping for some impressive sounds and some audio fun. 
Here's a nice read from the ohmspeakers website about prepping for the upcoming show:

ebm stop by the OHM room if you get a chance. It’s going to be a very modest setup by high end standards but I’d love to hear your impressions.

I remember listening to Magico Mini II speakers a few years back at a now defunct NY audio dealer. They sounded great there off a very pricey set of VAC and DCS electronics. The salesguy was great. But the owner laughed at me when I told him I have OHM speakers and felt no need to go Magico. Not that I could really afford them anyhoo.  Or the electronics that were feeding them.   Probably not even the wires.
Any news from the front?
Sure is close enough, but the line up just isn't that exciting to me. The last time I was there, the many of the vendors seemed to be having a volume competition, and many of the patrons were incredibly rude. In the end not much was to be gained by attending. 
If that was a SALES VOLUME competition, that might be fun to attend!
Show was OK should have been much better!!

I was hearing several systems including Audio Note, Harbeth, and Volti audio having trouble with too much lower mids and bass. The rooms were small and there was a lot of bleed thru from each room. 

I liked the YG Carmel speakers,

KII THREE speakers,

Gamut three system,

 the Callie electronics with Acoustic Engineer SCM40A active speakers.

 Linear Tube Audio low watt amps with horns was very very present. The highs might have been a bit too much on a selection or two.

Lots of fun room and very nice vintage sounds from Oswald Mills Audio speakers with SET amps by Tektron Italia. Very fun guy spinning records there.

im going to go back tomorrow. It's a small show so it's easy to hit every room several times for a revisit. 
Very few great sounding rooms. In fact, none. I am usually the one that walks away more impressed than most, but not this time. Prism and ATC had an almost excellent room, Accuphase, Soulution and Airtight was a nice room as was Bache and Alexus Audio. The Paradigm room  with T&A electronics was strong. Definitive Technologies speakers were very impressive for the $, in fact awesome at their price point. The Bob Carver Amazing line source speakers with his 300 wpc amps sounded sublime at times. At others, it sounded like a PA system. I think it was the large room that kept me from figuring these speakers out. I expected more from the Technics and Sonus Faber rooms--but both had a very tough set up.
Went back for another listen today and agree with gpgr4blu the Prism and ATC was, I thought one of the best rooms. Love the sound of those ATC speakers. I still liked the kii three speakers very much. Agreed also that Bob Carver room was nice but could not get a handle on the sound. Audio note room sounded better but for me still not totally impressive. 
Not fair to judge any of these systems from this show. Not a good hotel for an audio show. 
The New York marathon was going right past the hotel and you could hear the crowds cheering from some of the rooms. I'll never complain about my listening room again, LOL!
Damn!  I missed it!  

I met John Strobheem in the factory in Brooklyn when they upgraded my Walsh 2's a couple of years ago. A gent through and through. 
Ugh!  Please forgive my auto-fill error in my previous post!
I went to NY Audio Show with a friend. I was expecting to hear something more and was disappointed. These were my thoughts I go to about 20 live performances a year small venue shows with good acoustics,I wont count the large concert shows because they are crap unless it is Carnegie Hall I probity wont go to large shows anymore.My thought is what are these audio specialist trying to achieve is it a live performance or some figment of their imagination or is it the way they think recorded music should sound? To me their is two choices unamplified live performance or well mixed amplified live show. Anything else is personal preference that is ok if that's your choice but their has to some standard set for a common goal.On the way home my buddy and i were discussing the show. we both agreed too much elevator music for demo they should mix up with 2 minute clips of their favorite passages of songs with different genres. I asked my buddy to pick the best sound in show and he picked top 5 spots as me. It just confirmed confirmed my thinking.

sitting down reflecting on the show Sunday i was thinking what a poor place to have a show a lot of the rooms were cubicles they have to find a place like in the suburbs with larger rooms a chance for a better set up these people were at such disadvantage . I also was surprised not much use of acoustic treatments. If I go to another show it will be out west I heard their shows are good unless a east coast show can come up with better location

My buddy and I went to the show. Afterwards, during a meal, we both agreed we will not attend next year.(funny thing is we said the same thing last year).

The show was horrible.
Few brands meant overly crowded rooms. The music sucked. Why the hell they play anything electronic is beyond me. Maybe to show dynamics and loud, exaggerated bass?
The one exception was the Charney room (i think that’s the name). Single, 6" driver, 106db speakers with a 300b amp. And the music was good! Acoustic and vocal stuff. Stayed for a while. Apparently the speakers were only using a half of a watt! Amazing sound.

Some rooms had great sound Sadurni  Acoustics Miracoli speaker with tubes also Magico S1 Mk 2 with Soulution 511 amp both had wonderful sound with great imaging and depth etc.They both played  the cds i bought.
I remember the NY high end show was HUGE and exciting..in the Waldorf.  Its a shadow of its former slef..  too bad.
Those days are over forever with this  cheap company.
That’s a shame.

I enjoyed Capital Audiofest this year. I heard many very good sounding rooms and others reported similarly. Who is going to spend the big bucks for this stuff if the sound is not in line?

I think I read that CAF is moving to November next year rather than July as it always has been. That works for me.

You’d think that a high end audio show in New York, which tends to be the capital of doing great things on a large scale, could do better. But clearly hotel room space is tight and expensive in NYC and that seems to be the hindrance.

It sounds like turnout was pretty good though. I’d be curious to hear if any vendors found it worthwhile in terms of getting their stuff out in front of potential new buyers. If a show like this delivers new customers and sales I suppose that’s the most important thing. That would mean some liked and were sold on some things at least even if no new bars are set for "absolute sound" by the experts.
I too hope it was worthwhile for Vendors to show at the NYC show. How was Ohm Acoustic's showing there? I only saw a small blurb mentioned in TAS I think..
Visited the ohm room several times. Not impressed.
One the Stereophile reviewers hit teh OHM room. They were new to him it seemed. He acknowledged the big sweet spot but seemed bothered by "ambience" of the sound. That’s was about it. Did have a picture. Maybe not an omni guy or used to that sound. I was not when I first got my newer OHMs. Was totally disssapointed and disoriented at first. Happened again when I first hooked them up to my Bel Canto Ref1000m Class D amps. Sound had changed in a major way each time (in regards to soundstage and imaging) that took time to get used to. Things suddenly snapped into place shortly after. My ears were just not adapted or focusing correctly. I even had older OHm walsh speakers for over 20 years prior to compare to but that did not help much it seemed.
For me with Ohm Acoustics Walsh speakers they REALLY need to be paired with the proper amp to get what you like out of them. To do that for a show to cover the masses tastes has got to be crazy. In the Ohm Acoustics' thread I'll add my latest misadventures with a pair Ohm Walsh 3000s.
I agree with devilry, Charney’s full range speaker was very impressive, indeed.

YG Acoustic and Hypex guy’s new active speaker (I forgot the brand name) were good. I felt Those 2 speakers are promising. I really liked most of horn or single ended tube amp rooms, but most of the modern high end (low efficient speakers) rooms were very boring. Ohm Acoustics, ATC, Harbeth, Sonus Faber sounded OK, but not as good as expected.

I decided to sell my current set up (B&W 800d and Classe amp), and will buy high efficient speakers with single ended tube amp. The show was very educational for me, thank you.

Tmare, if you looking  high-efficiency Loudspeaker, take a look
No problem to listen 
Thank you, but the link is dead...
For me there were several things at the show I was excited to hear . First was the Kii all in one speaker system, which I thought was a knockout. Perfect for the audiophile who doesn’t want a complicated system or for a steller bedroom system.

The Bob carver line source speakers is something I’ve always wanted to hear. It did some things quite well and was a bargain. It was great to speak with Bob Carver himself. I heard that some people were slamming the speaker online because it uses an off the shelf driver sold by parts express (I think). But Bob designed that driver in some sort of licensing deal. The bass section was placed in a corner for gain because of the size of the room which made it a bit boomy for my tastes, but in a smaller room away from boundaries im sure it Would have performed better.

my favorite room was the solution and Magico room. The Magicos were fantastic at $16k even though it was a bit of a Mis match in cost with well over $100k of electronics.

i enjoyed hearing the small ohm speakers that truly had a big sweet spot.

I did wish they had seminars at the show. These were becoming some of my favorite things at previous shows.

The Martin Logan room I thought was a total disaster. Not sure if the Mark levinsion electronics were a bad match for them but the sound was hard and cold.

The other thing about shows it makes me appreciate my own system even more.

I like many have a nagging thought that perhaps there’s something better out there that’s the key to sonic nirvana.

But hearing some of the same cuts I heard at the show on my TAD speakers (augmented above and below) sounded much more like what I hear when attending the live acoustic bluegrass music parties my friend hosts in his apartment and at unamplified Jazz venues like Mezzrow here in NYC.  

I agree with your top  pick Charney’s full range speakers  was our top pick also.
Loved Charney's room. My top room was Prism/ATC. What kept from Charney from being top for me is I asked them to play classical and at least in that room at that moment it was not convincing me. My top pick system has to be able to handle every type of music. Was not convinced by Charney. Hope I am wrong since I am a SET guy and very much want to agree with Charney's approach.
For my point off  view all single drive  LS is bassless and dont
good with Highs 
I would definitely want to give Charney's another listen in better circumstances. 

I will be going to the Sterophile show in Chicago which is a real stereo show not Mickey Mouse show like the New York show.