Nuvista M3

I would like to hear from anybody who have heared this amp and what they have compared it to.
I value the tube sound but some of the powerful amps have certain calm that is extremly addictiv. I find this in my current 30watt 300b but only when playing small scale music. That control and calm is gone when the music becomes more complex, which really bugs me.
I have tried a JJ 828 KT88 amp with 4 output tubes each side, and found this to have some of this effect with my ESL 63. This expirience made me wonder about an even more powerful amp which the M3 certainly is.
Now I know this is a "sand"-amplifier but is has tubeinput, and it might be the ticket, but does the values of tubes stay in the mix?
Since I about to move to a place with only a 180 squarefeet room I am think about getting new speakers if you have any idea to something that could make fantastic sound in a room of that size, don't hesitat to take look at my post in the speakers forum.

Thanks in advance

Ulrik G. Madsen
Ulrik, I don't know about the Nuvista, but the room you describe is probably no larger than 12 X 14 feet. In that small space, I would use compact speakers such as Harbeth. They work well in tight quarters and have wonderful musicality and tonal range.

Harbeth's in this small a space may even allow you to keep your present 30 watt amp.
Sorry I posted the wrong roomsize it is 270 sqaurefeet (I'm from Denmark we use metric).