NuVision or Panasonic or Samsung flat screen?

Hi, if there's another forum I should post to please let me know....

I've been on the fence for months about what new TV to purchase. I currently have a Pioneer Elite that I purchased in 2005. I love it, but now that we're in a new home, it needs to be bigger (I have a 43 inch).

I've been looking at the NuVision LED-LCDs, Panasonic plasmas, and Samsung LEDs. I know a lot of people say if you love plasma, stick with that. I don't really like the casing or the glare on some of the new plasmas though. I'm not opposed to the LEDs as long as I can tone down the in your face brightness. I feel overall the NuVision LED looks more like a plasma to me, but $$$.

But which one is the best? Why can't I find any consumer reviews on the NuVision?
We recently added 2 new TV's.I have been a Ploneer Plasma guy for a while.My main display is a 50" Kuro.I think most current TV's look pretty good.I looked at LCD's,Edge Lit and backlit LED's(from LG,Sharp,Vizio,and Samsung) and Panasonic Plasmas.The final choice came down to the Samsung LED sets and the Panasonic Plasmas.While the Samsung was very imressive,I felt that the Panny offered the more "natural" rendering.
I purchased a TC-P50GT25 on line for $999 plus $99 shipping.It has been replaced in the Panasonic line-up by the GT30.For some reason the 3D sets are selling cheaper than the identical 2D sets,and I have been told that the best 3D sets make the best 2D sets.We also replaced an aging 43" Pioneer Plasma with a TC-P46GT24 which was purchased as a "special buy" at Costco for $799.I am very happy with these TV's.I slightly preferred the picture on the "VT" series sets,but could not justify the significant difference in cost(especially with the low prices I paid for the GT series sets).
I hope this was of some help.
I recently went with the new Sharp 60" Quattron. Out of the box it is pretty nasty to look at, but there are tons of settings and once set up properly I couldn't be happier. I like it much better than the Samsung products.

It replaced an older Pioneer Elite Plasma (43"). The Plasma's are nice, but I'm trying to be a little more energy conscious and plasma's are power pigs. I also feel more comfortable not having to worry about screen burn. Although It's not as big an issue as it used to be, it still nags at you.

I find the new LED does blacks extremely well.
I was on the fence like yourself for the past month or so. I have had a 65" Samsung plasma for close to three years and had a problem with it that Samsung could not fix. To their credit, they gave me $3000.00 cash as they could not replace it because it has been discontinued. I wanted to be loyal to Samsung, however I ended up with the Pan 65VT30 plasma. The TV is beautiful. I have had it for about a week and have been breaking it in. I haven't watched anything in 3d, but the standard picture is just fantastic. I have a dead pixel, but the retailer (Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY) is replacing it with a new set....great service. I will be getting the new set on Wednesday. I hope everything will be OK.
Bought a Panasonic 55" Plasma in April. So far, I am very pleased with the picture quality, but I am an audiophile, not a videophile.