Nurse Jackie

In case you missed it the following exchange occurred during a recent episode (season 2, #6) of Showtime's Nurse Jackie. Jackie and Eddie are continuing their illicit affair at Eddie's apartment. Jackie notices jazz music coming from a turntable and sarcastically says, "Now I forget, you HAVE heard of cds?" Eddie responds, "you hear hear those is bullsh*t." Later Jackie asks her husband, "Do you know where my Joni Mitchell albums are?"
It was a great of their writers is definitely clued in. You see it happening more and more- House with his Duevel speakers...who knew two-channel hifi was so hip?
LOL! Yeah, who would have guessed that after all these decades of "advancements" in hi-fidelity equipment, I'd be sitting here listening to vinyl through tube amps?
she would get along with Shelby Lynn!

I think it is just a stylish thing to say these days, even the kids know what it means!