NuPrime vs NuForce

how do they compare ?I mean: is it possible to establish some sort of "hierarchy" in their power amps in particular ?are NuP ST10M comparable to NuF Ref9V3 or to Ref18 ? or are they in the middle ?I know this is usually nonsense, but in this particular case, as NuPrime people and designers are more or less same of NuForce and I imagine NuP designs are based on, or start from NuP designs, so I wonder if it is possible to compare them strictly.anyway: has anyone had the chance to compare them side by side, or has anyone of you owned models of both brands ?
I was looking into the Nuprime CDT-8.
I haven't found much review info on them either.
If I find some info on what you're concerned about, I'll let you know.
There is a forum on another site that may be better able to answer this. The Nuprime moderator made up a chart for that line in terms of SQ. He would probably best know how current models might relate to the NuForce models if they are the older ones. Keep in mind the companies separated more than 4 years ago now.

There is also a thread on the CDT-8.