NuPrime IDA8 vs Peachtree 220se

I want to get away from separates for awhile and am thinking of trying a Peachtree 220se but then I found the NuPrime IDA8 and am undecided now.  

I would like to get away from using my Wadia 170i and go wireless but am concerned that I'm losing fidelity using bluetooth, and this is where the NuPrime looks better because it looks like there will be wifi capability later...

Not to judge a book bu its cover, but, for some reason, I feel like there would be less desire to upgrade from the 220se vs. the NuPrime because the Peachtree looks more substantial and the NuPrime looks more like a secondary, bedroom piece.  

I'll be using it to drive Monitor Audio GX50's that really open up with lots of power...

I'm open to other suggestions for an integrated with dac for around $1000-$1200!


Hmmm, is the Peachtree 220se and Nuprime IDA8 too entry level to get any type of response?

Good to see a thread about a fuse get over 800 responses but this thread about 2 integrated amps currently on the market gets nothing.

Oh well!  I already pulled the trigger on the 220se.  Carry on with your engineer talk about whether their is a difference in sound with cables running north and south vs. east and west!

p.s. I bet someone will say that no one responded because of lack of first hand experience with these products, but honestly, I see threads all the time where advice is givin without first hand experience!
+1 brother, +1.

At least you'll how which fuse to add to your new 220SE that will provide the highest bottoms and pinpointed soundstage.
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b_limo, are you still enjoying your 220?