I'm not salesman, just a senior audiophile and I have decided in recent months that I'll never go back to conventional AB
amps since its prehistoric technology going back 50 tears. The subject here is currently the worlds finest Class D amp in its price range and beyond, right behind Patrik Bostroms' massive Class D Marten M amplifier. I wouldn't waste my time with Brunos' Mola Mola Kaluga, since the Nuprime technology is newer and has moved further on. The Evolution One has technology that is a first in the industry. Ten years ago, the real problem with Class D amps and today as well, is that their transistor switching modulators operate at a frequency around 300khz which is to low causing feed back problems to the upper frequency's resulting in cold hard sound from the tweeter. Brunos' Kaluga switches at 500khz which is still not good enough, resulting in the Evoultion One being the only Class D amp in the world to switch modulate at 700khz. Also, the only Class D amp on the market with an input impedance of 1 million ohms. Phew! So the issue of working with different Preamps is redundant and completely irrelevant and will work perfectly with any Preamp on the market, tube or solid state. Their switching amps are custom designed in house and are patented. For those concerned about speaker 2 ohm impedance loads read the recent review in Totally Wired where the Monitor Audio Studio's were used and are 2 ohm loads and the amps ran cool. Also, legendary circuit engineer Demian Martin from Spectral has been an ongoing consultant for the company. 



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It’s the way you look at it sunshine, "if" you can understand, obviously with that little insult you can’t see the forest for the trees, and your comment actually befits you more than me.
Must have been from lifting, those heavy linear amps, that explains the strong dislike for them😊.
The Evoultion Ones take a very long time to burn in, a good 1000 hours before they sound their best
What a crock of  ****
Thanks! The Rowland 625 and 625 S2
Great linear amps, I’d back them over Class-D any day, except maybe the Technics SE-R1. Now that would be a good/interesting shootout.

Cheers George
Class D’s "place in the hobby" is now at the stage where its starting to take over
Sorry mate, Class D great audio is already here. Its over.
You are seriously deluded, the reason why it’s sales are so high is because it’s used in most midfi and subwoofers and av s**t these days.
Not because it’s not even close to out numbering sales in highend stereo audio amps.

What a asstat the behavior of a kid
He’s just a bogan, with no idea, even on how to shill quietly without drawing attention to himself that he is.
And as far as any tech knowledge he has none, except he’s befriending atmasphere as a yes man you try to give himself some cred.
It's no surprise the thread has gone into the ditch.
Reason? false claims that need to be pointed out by the OP, usually associated with shilling.

IME, George likes to troll threads about class D- and also feels that Technics is the only game in town due to switching speed, as you've seen.
No your the troll, countering me with BS at every turn, because you have your own Class-D coming out and are in total product protection mode.
 As you know your going to be behind the eight ball with your lower switching speed if you use it, because of this sort of phase shift it will have way down into the audio band. 
Na, no disrespect, just saying it how it is just like with you.
Both in shilling mode.
The opening statement was sufficient to see a pure shill.
The hyperbole in the opening typically is that of a shill.
👍 You saw it too, all too obvious, how many others saw it? He really needs to go to shilling school.

I hear you save a lot of Radio Shack coupons and I just heard
their having a 50% off one day sale tomorrow on their " state of the art "
Just perfect for you sunshine, you really got off on the wrong foot with this attempt at shilling for Nuprime, even tweak1 did a better job with his EVS thread.
If your going to bag something straight off the bat, you better have "some" technical knowledge of what your saying, you had zilch, nada, nothing.
You are a twat that can't take what you asked for with dignity, all I see now is a Nuprime shiller.
Phew! Your a shipwreck..So I pointed out Technics has super high switching thats all.
Then why was I correcting your BS, go back and read your own bagging on it again.

your engaged to the SE-R1,
Because so far it’s the only one that’s pushed the new GaN technology to it’s limits, and you saw fit to attack those limits in it’s switching frequency and weight, without knowing what the     you are saying not even one iota.
George, again....I could care less regarding the topology of the Technics.

Sorry but your the i***t that bought Technics and it’s switching frequency up to begin with, then bagged the Technics out, for it’s weight and circuit topology.

Now your corrected you couldn’t "care less" about it.????? Really?

This smells like a Nuprime shiller
or someone that doesn’t give a **** what BS they write, and then bristles up when corrected.
I can no longer lift the heavy stuff.
Ok, so that is the real reason for the b***h slap against the 119lbs weight of the Technics SE-R1, and that you don’t know the reason for it’s weight
The ongoing perception in recent years that moving forward with Class D, lightweight designs is a venture we all look forward to, and Technics could’ve just as easily designed a lightweight Class D amp with GaN transistors with an excellent power supply as the Evolution One.
If you look and many of the "better" class-d’amps they have chosen to you use "heavier" "more expensive" "harder to make" linear power supplies.

Saying that, the Evolution may have a very good (for SMP) supply. One of the very best SMP’s I measured was in my Linn CD12 encased in it’s own cnc machined chamber, it performed great, but it was still not better in noise than the best linear supplies I seen and measured.

Cheers George

Your the one who said
"There is no logic that the Technics has the advantage at 119 lbs"
Obvious you had no idea why it weighed 119lbs, just explaining to you why. And now after I told you, you say boring "Zzz" because you still don’t understand after me telling you?

All your worried about, that it’s got a gold plaque on the top🤦‍♂️

I could care less if it switches once an hour.
Then why did you bring up switching speed in the first place, quite a few times??

Sorry mate, but your all over the place, especially with the title to this thread

Cheers George
There is no logic that the Technics has the advantage at 119 lbs, especially due to the fact that the Evolution One has Damians’ magical circuit work that has made him a living legend.

I don’t know about the "magical circuit" stuff?

But do you have any idea about power supplies and what they are??
You say "there is no logic to the 119lbs"
The logic is, one (Nuprime) has a switch mode supply (smp).
The other Technics has 2 x independent choke regulated Linear power supplies, that’s where the weight comes from.
Technics told me, one (ei-core) is for the digital and input/driver stage, and other (r-core) for the output stage.

Cheers George
George has already pointed out the Technics SE-R1 switches at 1.5 millionHz over double the Nuprime but after comparing both pieces, the Nuprime is a superior design with higher power output and far more efficient and runs cool. I thought Class D has evolved to the point where heavy amps are a thing of the past. So Technics puts out a Class D amp that weighs 119 lbs., runs hot with three heat sinks and four vents on top.

These are why what you call disadvantages, are really advantages with the SE-R1

The SE-R1 runs luke-warm (not hot) because of the 1.5mhz switching frequency speed, which the advantages have been told here many times.
It needs these 2 small heatsinks, which EPC the inventors of GaN power transistors says it needs if the extra sound quality is wanted from GaN with the superior higher 1.5mhz switching speed.
Also another 3rd heatsink is used for the "regulated" rails of the power supply,

I weighs that 119lbs because it uses 2 x big linear power supplies, far better than any switch mode (smp) stuff.

This is why, it’s more into the future than what your spruiking.

BTW It’s not hard to sound better than the Nuforce 9se’s V1 V2 or V3

Cheers George