Number of records you have

I know I saw somewhere that people where saying how many CD's that have. But I am wondering, how many records does everyone have?
I don't know. I lost count. Somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500. But only a few
hundreds I listen to regularly. One day I should take a closer look at them and
get rid of the ones I no longer listen. They take up quite a bit of space.
Had about 200 on my own, then one friend gave up vinyl entirely and gave me his collection, for another 800 albums, another friend gave me his for about another 150, and still another is about to give me hers for about 100 more. Even after weeding things out I will have about 1000
I don't know, how may is 40 feet ?
3,000 LPs 300 CDs
At one point I had over 50000 records. I would say now I have about 10000.
I have 35 boxes with at least 150 in each box which equals about 5,200 LP's & about 750 to 1,000 CD's. I'm getting ready to sell at least half of them. Some of them listed here on AG. I want to get down to about 1,000 LP's and 500 cd's. They do take up too much space. I cover all genres.
50,000 Jtinn? Wow, I bet that took up a lot of space. I guess you didn't move house that often.

on the order of 35 feet - probably 20 feet of jazz, 10 feet of classical, 5 feet of other stuff.
this an interesting thread,from the perspective that we as "enthusiasts" place so much emphasis on .... an analog playback the front-end for example. Cartidges,tonearms phonostages etc..."what's the BEST this" the BEST that on and on.We board this great big audio-merry-go-round...and we lose sight of the true goal MUSIC, at least most of us fall into this category ( I know some who really just like to own equipment) I mean on the other hand, ones true LOVE of music can't be measured with measuring tape (wink wink)

with that being said I applaud those with these great collections that span decades,and boast many recordings,re-issues,and rarities.
I would like to see more threads of this nature,yes I know they exist in the Music forum but it would be nice to see them intermingle here

10' and counting touch almost every genre

enjoy the MUSIC tolerate the equipment
Around 8000, collected over 50-plus years. Have made at least three major culls over the years.
About 4500 odd different LP releases. Never sold one of my albums.

Your system should never be worth more than your music collection - unless you are filthy rich so you are forgiven
In the 3000 neighborhood.
Around 2000 LPs, 700 CDS, 100 SACDs.
Dumped alot of CDS to my sister.
I have about 1,000 records and maybe 350 CDs. Keeps me out of mischief.

7000 and counting.
1200 Albums and 600 CD's
But the real question is how many do I still listen to. The CD's are all in good shape so it's just a matter of what types of music I have outgrown, or what mistakes I have purchased over the years.

The vinyl, a small collection of new audiophile grade LP's along with my original collection of mid 60's,to early 80's stuff are in good shape.

Then there are ALL the garage sale & second hand albums I picked up over the years. Some are really good finds but unfortunatly not in the best of shape.
Wow, I see I have some catching up to do as I only have about 1000 LP's.
12,000, still growing. I still buy collections but generally dump about 90% of them because of condition and dup titles.
1500 vinyl Lp's 300 cd's
I run a steady group of about 3K LPs. Sometime it will peak up to 4.5K, but then I'll cull out LPs I like, but would hardly ever play. I do have about 750 CDs.

If I had too I could cut down to my most favorite music that would e around 500 LPs. Of the other 2.5K, LPs change as I find music I like better.
I own about 20x as many CDs as LPs, and I sold the vast majority of LPs 20
years ago. I may own 30x as many CDs...frankly I've never bothered to tally
them up.

During most of the years when I would have been accumulating LPs, I was
*playing* music rather than listening to recordings. The idea that the number of
recordings (regardless of format) in one's possession is a gauge of one's love of
music is nonsense.

I think these types of threads are simply opportunities to parade some
metaphorical plumage.
..... too many to listen to all in my lifetime.
1500 in a year and a half
1200 LPs and 300 CDs.
I'm still trying to figure that out. They are all scattered around in a couple of homes, maybe 2500 LP's in all, maybe more. That's in addition to about 1,000 CD's ripped to my music server.

Content: Maybe 300 or so LP's are folkie stuff from my formative years, the remainder are all classical music, mostly symphonic, concertos, sonatas, i.e. instrumental, some early music, some choral, and practically zero opera. The CD's are predominantly blues, female vocalists, alternative adult/rock (whatever), none of which has been released on vinyl. Only about 400 of the CD's are classical.
no idea...I started now to throw them away when another ones come in and those sound better..too lazy to sell them...
Can I send you my address? :^)

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