Nufore ref 9 se vs kharma mp150


have enyone compared the to?

I know there is a claas d review out there ,where the compared different class d amps and also the to above.

But im not abel to get acces to the review also i would rather hear oppinions from people in here.

Tda2200, I have heard many different class D amps, including the Nuforce, and believe the Kharma amps sonicly are head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. If you look at my threads I have one about the Kharma amps, it will give you more specific details.
hi Teejay

Are the kharmas still abel to drive speaker with lower sensitivity like the nuforce se ?

The must be abel to work with fullrangers.

Ps thanks for pointing out your thread

I've had both in my home driving Avalon Acoustics Eidolons. These speakers are considered by some to be a difficult load but I still own a 60 watt tube amplifier that can drive them nicely.

The Kharma and the SE are both fine examples of class D design. In my system the Kharma had a more designed and refined presentation where the NuForce was more transparent balls to the wall. Both are musical to me. While their sonic differences are definitely a matter of taste I wouldn't consider one superior to the other.

As far as their ability to drive my speakers the Kharmas ran out of steam first but at a level I don't think anybody would realistically listen at. An often overlooked quality of class D amplifiers is their ability to play loud without fatigue. They both had more fatigue free gain than my, even more powerful, linear solid state amplifier.

I have just finished reading the reviews of the nuforce ref se and the kharma 150 at avguid`s class amp review.

It most be one of the most controversial reviews ever.

One reveiwer claming that the amps are not even highend another loving them the other saynig that acoustic instruments sound like syntchsizers.

But the do think that the kharma is best however when you read the review of the nuforce some seem more entusiastisk about that.

Im more confused then ever because why did oher reveiwers in other magasins say that the nuforce se is on of the best amps ever.

Again tast may vari so what shall one buy when the cant listen before buying

I like Big dynamics musicality and smothnes

My moddified tact millennium mk3 with a dvd player sounds more better and more analog the a kw 750 amp with top notch front end.
maybe this is still the king of digital amps

Another thing is the amps should work injunction with eather my current sonus faber Cremona or my future amati anniversario (bigger room).

My cremonas have a very forgiving topend
its almost impossible to make them sound to bright.

Hi Vicdamono

Thanks for the input

Now i listen to a very broad variasion music mainly pop from different genres and i abselutly love when a system have the ability to exploed in the dynamics when the music peaks i also very much like when the soundstage is very layered and transperant.

Since i use Sonus faber speakers that is sligtly laidback and varm would you recorment the nuforse SE ?

Tda2200, I haven't any experience with Sonus Faber speakers so I wouldn't have a clue as to the synergy between your speakers and the NuForce SE's. If you enjoy startling dynamics and in remarkable transparency the SE's should work for you.

If your not happy with them you should be able to get a decent return on your modest investment if you purchase them used. I think there's a thirty day trial period on a new purchase from an authorized dealer.

Have Fun

Kharma speakers, in my opinion, tends to be on the bright side, while Sonus Faber speakers tend to be mellower. Avalon is about in the middle-ground. Regardless, I think you should listen yourself, with the amps in your system.
Hi i think i will go and try out thise ref se amps and see if it will work out as good as i hope.
The are also somwhat cheaper then the kharmas so it really is a no brainer.