Nuforce v2: has anyone tried them

The new version of the Nuforce should have hit the shops a few weeks ago.
Has anyone heard them or upgrated their existing units.
I would be particoularly interested in comparisons within the range of the new v2: 9SE compared to 9 or to 8.
I am going to audition a 9SE v2 in a couple of days, but won't be able to try the others
I got my integrated upgraded twice: first to the 100wpc, then to the v2. The power upgrade added liveliness and a little more muscle. The V2 solved the RFI problem, and added extension on top and speed top to bottom, without compromising the natural and liquid sound of the unit. Seems like a home run to me.
I've had my 9SE V2's for about a week now. To my ears the V2 has more extended, tighter, and more articulate bass. It has better instrumental focus/clarity from top to bottom.

It seems more transparent and detailed than the V1. And the highs are airy and extended -- but perhaps more importantly, the highs are now silky smooth. By comparison, the original version had a mild grainy quality.

I think the V2 actually sounds a little tubey in the midrange. By that I mean I hear more inflection on vocals and more nuance on guitars and other midrange instruments.

Who knows, they may sound even better as they continue to break in. And if not, I'm quite happy with their current level of performance.
Plato, What about the little clicky sound at power up, still there? Have you been under the hood yet? I'm guessing they got rid of the resistors across the terminals. Wish you were near by, a direct compassion would be interesting.

The click upon power-up is gone. History.

The volume control is still slow. I think there are remote key combinations that speed up the volume control but I've not figured that out yet.


The turn-on/off relays have a minor low-level click to them if that is what you mean -- but it's so low in level that I can't see anyone objecting to it. Since you own the 9SE's already, the upgrade to V2 is highly recommended. Jason at NuForce believes that the standard Ref 9 V2 sounds better than the original Ref 9SE, FWIW.

NuForce is using a Zobel network on the outputs now that shouldn't be tampered with, but seems to work much better than the old parallel capacitor.
hello Plato and thanks for your impressions of V-2, i have the cap cut on my SEs like it better that way. but from what you are saying nuforce has done some work on that as well. along with the V-2 upgrade it sounds pretty much a no brainer to get the upgrade. i have a week vacation planed, when i went from ref 9 to SE nuforce had them back in town in less than a week. going to schedule thanks again.
That sounds like a good plan Stltrains. Yes, from what I'm hearing, it's a no-brainer. The new version definitely beats the original even with the caps cut out, which is the way I was using them.
Thanks for the replies,
I went to audition the Ref9 SE v2 yesterday and I was extremely impressed: the best, tighest bass I have ever heard, great transparency and detail, really nice midrange and most of all extremely involving.
I bought them them immediately, did not even bother trying the ref9 or ref8. I can't wait to try them with my speakers
I got my review Ref 9 SE V2 last week and after some warm up, etc gave them a good listen over the weekend...I am very very impressed.

All reservations I had for Class D in general and specific to the NuForce are gone. The mids are sweetened up to the right balance and the tweeters on my Parsifal Ovations sound like they are ribbons.

All I can say is WOW! This is no marginal improvement. Look for my review at (along with Bob Levi's) within the coming weeks.
I recently picked up a pair of the V2SE's and after 4 mos. am still waiting to see if the magic aural bubble will burst. But so far, these are the most remarkable amps that I have heard or owned. I had the previous 9.0SE's but this latest V2 is really a whole new and different animal. Dynamics are out the yin-yang on these little beasts! They remind me of a strong tube amp in this regard (once owned ASL Hurricanes) but with much more finesse and control.

Also I saw two new reviews pop up on these which echo my impressions; Audio Revolution and Stereo Times both basically relate the same positive experience. (The reviewer at Audio revolution 'compares' them to his Levinson 336 and pretty much says the NuForces smoke them in every parameter).

For those of you diehards who haven't yet taken the digital amp plunge, I urge you to try the waters now. The NuForce 9 V2 SE (and the Spectron Musician III Sig.) are like God sends to the audiophile, IMO.
have you compared the NuForce with the Spectron?
Cford - not directly. I owned a 'Standard' Musician III for about 8 mos., then went back to tubes, before I then went to the NuForce 9V2SE's.

Based on what I have read about the Musician Signature version, I think it would be a tough call between it and the NuForce V2 9 SE's.

As you probably know, 'audio memory' is a very tricky thing, but if pressed I would say that the NuForce 9V2se's have more finesse and are ultimately more transparent that the STANDARD Musician III that I once owned.

Also, even though the power rating is much less than the Spectron, the 9V2SE's sound like big tube watts, and really sound like they are putting out a LOT more than their spec.'d power rating would indicate.

I could have gone either direction really, but the Nuforce's are about $1500. less expensive (retail) than the Sig. Musican III, so this was the deal maker for me personally. Also I tend to prefer a mono-block topology for various reasons.

If you needed more power and have the extra $1500., then I think the Spectron would also be a great pc. to consider.

I guess the SEV2's are great!........however is it better to really wait until I have the money for the SE V2's or can I get the v2's pair them with a good tube premp and still have lots of fun and still (enjoy the music)?

Thank you!

Could you recommend some preamplifiers (tube} that have a great synergy to the Nuforces?

I use an ARC LS26 with SE V2's and really like the combination.

LS5MKIII modded to ref level By GNSC
I vote for the Modwright SWL 9.0SE pre...reasonably priced and the cost of tubes (Sylvania GB 5687 my favorite) won't break the bank. I've run that with my Nuforce 9SEs...guessing the V2s would have the same synergy. Don't leave the ICs out of the mix either. My favorite pairing has been with the Acoustic Zen Ref Matrix IIs.
I am quite happy with my Audio Horizons 2.1 rnb a fine partner in musical crime along with my Nuforce ref 9 SE V2s. And you can give them a try with a 30 day audition. Mine did not go back to AH. Good luck in your quest.
I'm using a deHavilland Mercury II preamp with my SE V2s. Outstanding synergy. I originally had the SEs for about six months, and then got the V2 upgrade. It was well worth the money to me.
I have heard these Nuforce amps coupled with a Shindou Aurieges Line tube pre. The result was quite sensational - spacious, detailed and musical
Yes, I believe this is a great amp. I have the MCH3SE C7 which is very similar to the REf 9SEV2 w/ Nuforce's P9. Could be finicky with analytical cablings but with slightly warmish but high resolution variety, this amp truly shines.