Nuforce STA200

I am curious about the Nuforce STA200 amplifier  If anyone has experience with the amp it would be appreciated if you would share your listening impressions, both good and bad.  Some of the descriptions I have read classify it as a class AB amp and others a class D amp.  I am not technical savvy about these things, can a single amplifier be both? 
I use Blue Jeans LC-1 interconnects between source-SYS-STA200 as the LC-1 has very low capacitance.  
So, has anyone new tried passive ? Even with a Parasound A21, as it works with amps that have normal gain.
@daseldin - Currently using VH Audio Pulsar Cu RCA Interconnects. Vampire Wire also makes good reasonably priced interconnects.
Thanks guys. 

I got myself Audioquest Cinnamons (from the digital sources to the DAC) Golden Gates (from the DAC to the pre-amp to the SYS) and Red Rivers (from the SYS to the STA200).

I stuck with my ancient FMS Blacks to the speakers.

The sound is warmer but the details are still there.  I'm happy.