Nuforce STA200

I am curious about the Nuforce STA200 amplifier  If anyone has experience with the amp it would be appreciated if you would share your listening impressions, both good and bad.  Some of the descriptions I have read classify it as a class AB amp and others a class D amp.  I am not technical savvy about these things, can a single amplifier be both? 
Those are certainly some nice speakers, if it was "good enough" for those, I will probably be happy :)
The amp takes well to an upgraded power cord. Enjoy ! MrD.
Have one on order from Signal Cable. Reviewed very well for under $100 PC. 

I also picked up a Proceed BPA2 (on its way) I really miss the ML and I am hoping it will be a somewhat close match. Between the 2 amps, I am sure I will be happy :)
mrdecibel, what is the item that is on the stock STA200 power cord just below where the cord attaches to the amp?  I assume it doesn't impact ones choice of power cord? Thanks
Jetter, I believe you are speaking of the magnet ( ferrite choke ). Look up " what are the bumps at the end of computer cables ", as you will get your answer. These are sold everywhere, and have been for ages, in different sizes, by many manufacturers. Enjoy! MrD.