Nuforce Repair?

I have had no luck finding the right contact for servicing a Nuforce Ref-9 mono amp. Is Nuforce as a brand co. still in Business? Optoma owns them but no response.
Nuforce was sold to Optoma. I had a tech/ repair issue this week also and they responded immediately.
Ask your question here: http://http//

You may get your answer.
Good luck as Nuforce was sold to another company that doesn't seem to be very proactive.
I've studied the Nuforce Ref-9 SE V3 monos, and to me the smp power supply is fixable, but if anything goes wrong with the main board it's swapout for new mainboard, as it's very tight smd packed components with a multi layered pcb, not very friendly for component level fault finding and fixing even for very good techs.
Cheers George
Believe Bob Smith in Indiana handles this work for NuForce and maybe NuPrime, a spinoff of NuForce when it was bought. So just Google "Bob Smith" :)

NuForce having been sold is sad news to me. As a past 9 SE's owner I dealt with them personally at the Milpitas location. What an energetic, innovative, and responsive group. 
Bob did some recent work on a pair of Reference 9v3se for me. It does cost around 1100 but it is more than worth it. He transformed an already good sounding amps to flat out great. And, afterwards, he gives you a lifetime warranty.

Communication and turn around was A+. He is the certified tech for NuForce.