Nuforce Ref 9 SE

I am looking at buying, either a high powered integrated or a power amp. If using a benchmark dac 1 usb (not pre version) and the Nuforce Ref 9se. Any risk of anemic and bright sound, coupled with very open speakers with ribbons?
I have no plan on a tube pre or such.
How are these in sonics compaired to Plinius SA series amps, Classe or even Krell cx series?
I have also been considering wyred4sounds integrated. Is that a better choice. I have no chance in listening before purchase.
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I bought my Nuforce 9SE v3 from a dealer that is driving a pair of ribbon speakers. The amps themselves are not bright but very detailed and have a wonderful spacious soundstage. They seem to be best mated to tube pre-amps and are only at their best using very good power cords. That said, you would be hard pressed to get better sound for anything less than 10k. No kidding.
A good friend of mine is driving his Revel Sudio 2 speakers with the Nuforce amps with a Benchmark DAC. His preamp is the top of the line Joule Electra (amazing piece of hardware). The DAC had a bit of edge and lack of music detail compared to my MSB Power DAC. (so much for a rating of Class A from the reviewers).
If you want the best sound get a preamp in my opinion. A good one will transform your system to a level you would not believe. Just my opinion.
Your list is all linear solid state amplifiers, sort of apples and oranges. Like tube and solid state amplifiers class D amplifiers have similar class characteristics as well as individual presentations.

Linear solid state designs typically begin to lose their charm as they get pushed beyond a certain output level, which is usually quite high depending on the load. Switching amplifiers tend to maintain their level of performance until they reach their limit.

My 9SE's are driving 87dB 4ohm Eidolons and have yet to run the SE's out of steam. I found that my SE's benefited a great deal from upgrading my AC with dedicated circuits using metal clad wire runs to the outlet and using shielded AC cable from outlet to the amps. This is a relitivly inexpensive upgrade that any system would benefit from.

I don't believe there is a tube preamplifier made that can match the quite transparency of most class D amplifiers. If the idea of using a tube pre to ease a sonic concern with a class D amp, there is usually a problem elsewhere in the system. IMO a battery powered preamp is the ultimate companion to a switching amplifier. Switching amplifiers can magnify time and phase issues of many poorly designed speaker systems as well as AC issues. I think this is what most casual switching amp users dislike and why they find the amp clinical.

On the other hand tubed output stages of source components can sound stunning as well as pairing the SE's with preamplification of a much higher class. The Benchmarks attenuation will work but I would suggest auditioning a stand alone preamp for the sake of comparison.
I use a tubed preamp with my SE V3s and my music preference is vinyl analog for sit down listening. I could not be any happier with that combo. I dont think you should have any problems with what you described. For Nuforce products you do have a choice they offer a 30 day in home audition for a buck listen first then decide.
Good luck
I recently upgraded my NuForce amps from REF 9 V2 to REF 9 V3 SE. I also had my NuForce MCH V2 SE CH7 7 channel amp upgraded to V3 status.

I bought the NuForce amps 2nd hand on Audiogon - the mono amps started out as REF 9's and were upgraded initially to REF 9 V2.

The following 'review' may or may not apply to normal systems. My stereo is unusual.

The 'preamps' are DEQX HDP-3 active digital crossover/processors.

The speakers are quad-amped modified Edgarhorn Titans; HiVi RP-2 PRO Isodynamic Planar tweeters; tractrix midrange horns; straight 80 Hz bass horns w/ 15" JBL woofers; and Edgarhorn Super Seismic Subwoofer horns with 18" JBL woofers.

The REF 9 V3 SE's drive JBL 375's on the midrange horns.

6 amps of the MCH drive the R & L low bass horns, R & L bass horns and R & L tweeters ( the 7th amp channel is not used ).

I purchased the NuForce amps because I wanted 8 identical amps. QUIET amps with no funny noises. I tried to make tube amps work in my system but was never satisfied. I'm sure it's possible to get good results with tubes but not on my budget; eight really good tube amps = too much $$$ for poor old me.

To make a long story shorter, I never thought I would be so happy with solid state amps ! Class D even ! Don't believe the line that Class D amps ( Analog switching amps, whatever ) don't work well with horns.

I struggled with various tube amps in this crazy system ( in one form or another ) for 14 years and never ever got even close to where the system is currently.

I will skip the usual overheated adjective-loaded tribute to my super groovy stereo - I will just say, you must hear it to appreciate the supernatural splendor that is mine humble steerio.

The V3 upgrades did make a sonic difference, especially in the midrange which is indeed sweeter and smoother than V2. This may be because the V3's gain is much lower than V-2's ( NO noise from my 100 dB+ horns at the listening spot ).

The bass is better too - just as deep, impactful ! even more 'realistic' than V2 bass, which was already excellent.

Everything is a notch better. If the 'sound' of the system was an 8 ? It's now a solid 9.5.

Here's a couple plugs; a PS Audio Premier Power Plant made a subtle but noticeable improvement. The system sounded 'smoother' somehow, less 'edgy' after I plugged all components into it.

The new Monarchy Audio DIP Combo was a HUGE upgrade ! It's a flexible digital interface ( 3 in 3 out, XLR RCA and TOSlink ) that reclocks and upsamples ( or not ). I use it on a Music Hall SACD player and an iMac.

And finally, I recently bought a long - 6M - TOSlink cable to get digital from my Imac to the Monarchy DIP and it works great ! New plastic fiber technology these days.