NuForce P-20 Pre... upgrade to?

I have a P-20 pre, and tried a handful other/older preamps to compare, and plan for a future upgrade.
Trouble is...that all fall short from the "stealth" my NyForce has.
The most expensive I have tried; the BAT VK-32SE (on loan), it is somewhat a dissapointment, lacking highs("air").
Have tried Sovtek & NOS DR-tubes, small difference, still lacking...
Please suggest other (balanced) tube-amps, preferably under the BAT's price-tag... -must have remote!

Arne K
Since I have been greeted with silence... I have done some tube-rolling in the BAT!
(Warning, I do not think VK approves this)
I have tried generic-russian 6N6P tubes with good result, and now playing with 6N23P (= russian 6922).
This may be stretching my luck, as they have 135V on anode/1,7V cathode. Also sound great!
Last; swapped the central current-source-board for 2 x 6C3n-EB (= russian 5881/6L6GC)