Nuforce new Ref 9 amp

Has anyone tried this higher power version yet?
How does it compare to their Ref 8?
How does it compare to standard linear amps?
I dropped by NuForce to have my ref 8's updated to latest specs and my visit coincided with the arrival of the first run of ref 9's. Very slick looking and great feel in the hand. Yes, a 350 watt amp you can easily lift and turn over in one hand!

In contrast to many new amplifiers in its price range, this amp is extremely smooth yet extended on top, and has vise like control over the fundamentals. Images well.

I compared the 9's with the ref 8's and they sound very, very similar. After all, they have share the identical amplifier - only the power supply is different. It features some large custom made caps and is much larger than the ref 8's supply. I personally recommend the ref 9's if you have admitted that you are helpless without a higher power (amp, that is}.