Nuforce Icon owners?

I am trying to configure a Nuforce Icon with a subwoofer and satellite speakers. For those of you who have done this, how did you hook up the sub using the sub's crossover,and which speakers are you using?
My daughter is doing this with Infinity 150s and an Energy 8" sub and an iPod as the source. The sub is fed by the single preamp out. Very nice sound btw.
Does your sub have speaker level inputs and outputs? If so, run the L&R speaker cables from the Icon to the sub, then run a pair of speaker wires from the sub's speaker outputs to the satellites. This will allow the crossover in the sub the send the high pass signal to the satellites, but strip off the low frequncies which will be handled by the sub.

Your other choice is the run the satellites full range and connect the sub via the line-out of the Icon. You'll need a 1/8' stereo to dual L&R Female RCA adapter for this. I bought mine at Radio Shack. In this config you'll just set the Xover on the sub to around the lower cutoff frequency of the satellites and use the sub for bass reenforcement and depth. There may be a bit of cross over between the sats and sub. If so, lower the crossover frequency of the sub.


Reubent, Thanks for the information. My ideal setup would be to run the speaker level line out to the sub. I know that the original T-amp would be ruined in this scenario. I believe it was because of the common ground and shorting out of the signal, thus frying the chip. Does this same precaution apply to the Icon? I have yet to hear back from Nuforce and there is no mention in the literature. Hopefully someone has tried this successfully.
For those of you interested in the same scenario, Nuforce did respond to my question, but he wasn't sure if it would ruin the amp or not. I was told to go ahead and try it, and they would replace it. I wasn't up to that so I return the amp for a refund. Their customer service is excellent. I was not very impressed with the sound of the amp, though. I preferred the original T-amp and its offspring, the Super-T. I have heard that the KingRex is also superb. On the plus side, it has multiple inputs and USB.