NuForce Icon-2 and Tangent-Audio EVO E5 setup

Hey all,

I am researching a budget system for my bedroom (roughly 15' x 15'). It is going to be hooked up directly to my Mac and play my mp3's, ripped disks, internet radio, and the occasional movie (hulu, netflix). I will also do a fair amount of listening via a pair of headphones since the system will also be doubling as my work desk.

I'm considering the NuForce Icon-2 and Tangent-Audio EVO E5 combo for $500. I'm relatively new to the world of audio and this appears to be a safe system (nuforce recommends the Tangent Audio speakers themselves, so I went with them).

Before I pull the trigger, I would like to know if there are any alternate systems and setups I should be looking at that are within this price range. Basically a DAC, Amp, Headphone amp, and speakers.

I'm looking forward to your suggestions!