Nuforce HDP as a DAC and Headphone amp?

Any comparisons to DAC magic or Benchmark with the Nuforce HDP? Thanks for your time.
Anyone tried it? Mostly interested as a DAC and preamp.
Hello fellow A'goners. I bought the nuforce dac I have not made any comparisons as I live on Van. island b.c. There are no high end audio stores that carry dacs,I purchased from ontario. The fellow I spoke to about the dac said that it compares to the benchmark. Here are the features I like.

It has the preamp
For the money you can't lose
It produces nice sound.

here is the downfall

the connection is toslink pin to pin NOT OPTICAL this would be better for sound.

The dac is connected to my mac mini.

I think it comes down to really making comparisons and what would work best in your system. The reason for the purchase inexpensive and to see what music would sound like through a computer system. I can tell you this as soon as I have some more $$$ I will be upgrading as I like what I'm hearing.

Here is what I have so far:

Two nuforce v3se amps
aesthetix calypso preamp
aerial 7bs
acoustic zen absolute speaker cables single ended
two arp 1 condtioners
blue circle condtioner
audience E balanced interconnects
nuforce single ended unbalanced
mac mini
drobo 4 slotted for harddrives.
I'm also using Pure Music software which makes a difference. Hope this kinda helps.
A review was recently posted of the HDP on 6moons.