Nuforce DDA-100 Digital Amplifier

I've been looking into this Nuforce DDA-100. It's gotten some really nice reviews from The Absolute Sound and others, so I really want to try one out, but I can't find anywhere to buy one locally.

There are two sites online that popped up on Google; and, but I'm not sure if they will let me return it in a few weeks if I don't like it.

Even if they do let me audition I'm not sure I'll want to go through the trouble of re packaging and shipping it back for the refund.

Has anyone here heard the DDA-100?

I will be using it to push a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 6's. I've heard they recommend speakers with a rating of at least 88DB. With the floorstanding 6's being at 90db I hope they'll be ok.

Well gee, being able to audition it and then return it if you didn't like it is certainly worth the trouble of repacking it and shipping it back. What is your alternative? Would you really buy it just because someone on this thread told you it was good?
I have not heard one of these. You need to audition it. I've owned a few Digital amps and was optimistic, but the amps I tried did not please me with the speakers I had at the time. It is definitely worth your time and trouble to pack one up for a return if you can find one with refund privileges. Amps are a breeze to return unless you're lifting one of those 100 lb. Krells; that kept me from buying one a few times. Shipping amps is nothing compared to speakers on pallets which are hard to ship.
Give The Cable Company a call. They're a dealer and should have a DDA-100 to lend you.