Nuforce DDA-100 - Any Experience?

Does anyone own one or have any experience with one? What are your impressions? Audiophile quality as advertised?
I have one on order for use in my home office. I will advise you after I have had a chance to evaluate it.

This type of amp is a rapidly evolving technical market. I was seriously thinking getting a Wadia 151, then I saw the new Teac A-H01 and was leaning in that direction. But I am very intrigued by the PCM -> PWM conversion methodology in the DDA-100. When you think abut it, it's a very simple and elegant solution. I am interested to hear how it compares to a traditional DAC in the data path.
I am intrigued as well and tempted to take the plunge. I just love the idea simple solutions and potential giant killers. I have a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42s sitting idle. They love current, so a 2.64 pound amp would appear to be a strange match...but given today's digital, who knows? Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
Positive review posted on TNT:
I received the Nuforce DDA-100 last week, but just had a chance to set it up on Monday. It's a cute little unit, smaller than it looks in the pictures. Fit and finish is good, better than expected for a $549 unit. One minor complaint is the small speaker connectors. They are a little tight for large spade lugs but banana connectors work fine.

Sound after eight hours of playing white noise: very nice, surprisingly so for a unit of this price. This little amp is very musical and detailed. The amp played well and sounded very good with all the speakers I tried, although I didn't crank up any track to extreme loudness since this is an office setup. Jazz, vocals, and chamber music were great. Rock music was very good, considering that I haven't tested the unit yet with any full-range speakers. As expected, large orchestral pieces sounded very nice if not a little "balled up" in the middle, which again could be my choice of speakers.

I compared the little Nuforce to the Peachtree Decco (original) unit I have been using. In a nutshell, the Nuforce amp was much more open and detailed than the Decco.

Speakers I have tried with the DDA-100 amp include Dynaudio 52W, Snell J/II, Salk/Ellis 1801b sealed monitors and a pair of Tannoy Stirlings I just acquired. All sounded great, although I will almost certainly use the 1801b speakers with this amp. It made a very sweet, detailed and accurate (to my ears) combination.

Source was my mac mini music server playing through Audirvana, both connected directly via toslink or via WiFi through an Apple Airport Express connected to the amp via toslink. Both worked extremely well, and although the WiFi connection is limited to 16/44.1 resolution that is how I am going to use use this amp going forward.

All in all, I am very happy with the Nuforce DDA-100 amp. I was initially curious and concerned with the "lack" of a DAC, but its internal PCM to PWM conversion seems to work as advertised and deliver the goods.
How would you compare this amp to the Wadia 151 Power DAC?
Bodotes, No, I have not had a chance to compare these two amps directly. I tested a Wadia 151 sometime last year and thought that is was very nice. The Nuforce is less expensive, drives my speakers a little better (as best I can recall), and since I don't need SPDIF coax inputs it was a no brainer.
I have a DDA-100 and am using it to drive a pair of very old JBL Control-5 speakers. I read on the Net that you need to connect speakers with high sensitivity to get best performance.

I was also advised to try the following bookshelf speakers:
- B&W 685
- Goldenear Aon3
- Amphion Ion+

I have yet to audition these myself so was asking around on the Net. I personally would prefer to use floorstanders.

Does anyone have opinions/ experience in using floorstanders compared to bookshelves with this amp?

Thanks in advance.
My DDA-100 has been driving Harbeth M30.1 faithfully for a couple of months. At such a modest price, Nuforce does not at all embarrass itself. Very clear and open. Maybe lacking in the last bit of air in high frequencies and lush midrange, but still delivers all the right things. Amazing value. Super convenient. While it was meant to be an "interim" solution, it is likely to stay much longer.
Using the DDA-100 in my home office set-up and couldn't be happier with it.

I was going to use my Music Hall a25.5 amp and Epos M5 speakers with my Mac set up, but realized the amp was far too big for a desktop setup. So started looking at the DAA-100 and the Wadia 151. I finally went with NuForce. After setting it up with the M5 speakers, it just keeps getting better and better.

I just listened to one of my favorite tracks, Van Morrison - Astral Weeks, and was completely stunned by what I heard. It added an incredible delineation to an acoustic guitar that had never really stood out before. It almost sounded like some had laid an extra instrument track over the original song. This is a song/album I've listened to for years and this amp just made it sound new again; putting my main system to shame in the process.

The quality of the DDA-100 far exceeds the price point. If you consider how well it plays, the simplicity and beautiful design of the unit; it really is a steal. Spending anymore on a desktop system would be an exercise in futility.