Nuforce AVP-16

just wondering if anyone used one and their thoughts on it while I wait for mine to arrive that I bought off here early this week.

what were the thoughts used for music and what could u compare it too. 

I needed a preamp with optical outs and balanced outputs and this fit the bill perfectly.
I have the NuForce AVP-18 as my home theatre AV 7.1 Preamp/AV processor,
i bought it because it is all digital with no legacy composite cable inputs/outputs.


In brief, it it does its yeoman duty in processing movie and concert Bluray video and multitrack soundtracks . But it’s a pretender and no KRELL, CARY , BRYSTON or similar top-end contender in both build quality and performance.

- Its build quality is comparable to the tsunami of $1000 strata "meh?" AVRs out there, so nothing to write home about.

-NOTE: For 2-channel audio performance , .....nope.....don’t look to this as your yellow brick road to OZ . You have to go look elsewhere ....... that’s what my high-end integrated amp is for all 2-channel audio performance I use the latter’ direct pass-through feature to be the LF and RF power amp to the Nu-Force in 7.1 usage.


- its fine at its pricepoint but it’s no top-end contender. In a do-over I would go better build and performance  unit as commented above,( but more $$)  even just for AV . You only get what you pay for .... full stop.
- It is NOT any quality 2-channel audio performer
-it’s set-up menu is a bit quirky and clunky compared to others ....
- It’s an acknowledged known disposable AV component in my 7.1 system that will be upgraded in the future as the CODECS keep changing and the unit fades into obsolescence.
-after market support has been sketchy

Caveat emptor.
thanks for replying...but to say its not a krell killer..well its price point wasnt meant to be was it.   its interesting your take on it though..

that is what I came here for..even though you have the 18 and I am talking about the 16 which has the characteristics of the 8 which is a little pricey.

in the end I will have to hear it myself..
I also have the avp-18 in my ht rig and I found it a revelation compared to the Emotiva ss amps that I was using, yes I know they are low tier fodder but still.
For a claimed 150wpcx8 it blew away the 250wpc Emotivas on every level.
Voices were much more distinct, explosions and gunfire ( we are talking in a ht rig!) were vastly enhanced and much more defined. All round it was vast improvement.
Obviously on 2 channel music my main rig is much more musical but so it should be for cost difference. However that ebing said I quite often listen to Pandora on it and the occasional bluray audio disc through the oppo connected to it and it is more than acceptable.
For the price paid I was very happy indeed.
Uber Salz....
the NuForce AVP-18 is only an AV preamp/ processor ..... it is no multichannel receiver because it has no power amps included.... you need external power amps

I’m confused by your post "..... for a claimed 150wpc X 8 it blew away the 250 WPC EMOTiVAs on every level."""

The latter refers to a multi-channel ss power amp, not the "18" pre-amp / AV processor function....(apples and oranges). which amp?
Are you referring to the the multichannel NuForce MCA-20 multichannel power amp ?

the "16" the OP is referring to is the discontinued predecessor model to the "18".

PS to all the readers :

(1) the NUFORCE AVP-18 is a legacy product itself already ....they are an indicated afterthought (IMO) after a sellout to . the prior models don't even appear even in their support links.

-- no further software updates available etc. In fact no software downloads at all, even to restore it to factory default in case it gets pooched ..

-- the new product price has been greatly slashed from $1095 to $695 on AMAZON

-- few distributors ....

- - their aftermarket support was / is very dodgy (I’m being polite) in my experience . Here’s a similar customer rant review on AMAZON

"..... Perfect.Pitch

1.0 out of 5 starsUnreliable - Terrible Support

October 17, 2016

Unit failed on me within two weeks of purchase in Australia, sent for repair under warranty but Optoma/Nuforce didn’t provide parts to Australian distributor - simply stopped all communication. I now have a dead AVP-18 that Nuforce refuse to do anything about. Appalling support...."

Again ..... caveat emptor....
Very simple typo
The avp 18 is the controller
Meant the mca20 for the power amp.
End of point
I purchased both at the same time and quite amusingly the software in the avp 18 was identical to the software in the old emotiva processor.
Imho it is extremely easy to use and powerful.
Sorry you had issues and poor support, touch wood mine has been exemplary in all aspects.
thanks !

anyone here use the 16?   it appears from above post that the company has gone downhill.

the 16 to me looks better than the 18