Nuforce and panel speakers?

I've been intrigued by the NuForce mono amps - I'm wondering if
anyone has used them with Maggies or Eminent Technology 8's?

The Maggie's and ET's are both inefficient and take some juice
while the NuForce 'only' puts out 100 watts - is that enough for
panel speakers, or are these amps better suited for higher
efficiency speakers?

Thank You
I have discuss (via email) with them concerning my speakers (not panel but low eff) and they tell me that they are coming out with a higher power version in July. You may want to also email them.
When we got the NuForce balanced input amps in as demos, I tried them in my home system with Magnepan 3.6R speakers. The NuForce amps acquitted themselves well with these speakers. Not quite as much bass "slam" as my BAT VK200 monoblocks, but certainly able to deliver high quality sound in my system. Make sure you use a "fast" power cord ( something like a Shunyata Diamondback or a Nordost Shiva) to get the best performance from these amps.

I have used them with Quad ESL-57's. These speakers are a legendarily wicked load, and I did not experience any instability issues or experience anything but musical pleasure.

For the Music,