NuForce and DIY Silver Interconnects=Interference?

I am planning on making myself some pairs of these silver DIY interconnects for a system that I am saving up for - these cables really sparked my interest and look like a good alternative to spending a lot on cable when I can't really afford it yet (19 year old college student).

But I am worried that it would be susceptible to interference if I bought a NuForce for the passive subwoofer. Were they able to eliminate much of the interference with their 9SE V.2?

Thanks -
They did eliminate almost entirely the interference as far as I know. I've been using the amps for over a year now and have never had an interference problem in combination with any other gear or cables I've tried. I suspect it's well under control.

For use with a woofer system I highly doubt there'd be any problem.
If your subwoofer amps will be located more than 3 ft away from the preamp/receiver output, I strongly recommend shielded cables to avoid interference or hum pickup (no matter what brand sub amps). Tara Labs makes a double shielded subwoofer cable.
Good luck
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