NuForce amps with Revel Salons?

Has anyone tried or using NuForce amps with the Revel Salons? I've read with interest the many threads about the NuForce and heard a pair of the regular monoblocks with some Gallos and they sounded good but when we switced to a Pass amp, I liked it much better. Any unbiased comparisons to Levinson amp like the 33h, 436, etc. Maybe I should try a pair of the wee beasties?
I'm confused by your question. If you liked the presentation of the Pass Labs amplifier better, why bother? Your system seems impressively complete and up to date not to mention the one manufacturer synergy you've got going on.

If you decide on some NuForce amps try the 9SE's and remember they're very sensitive to VAC, associated cabling (use copper), and mechanical vibration.