Nuforce amp with PS Audio Powerplant Premier

Have anyone try it?
Pre Ear 868
Power Nuforce Ref9 SE V3
Spk Martin Logan Spire
Cd Esoteric X05
I tried a Nuforce amp (the 8 series) with and without a PPP. I had no problems either way and preferred it with the PPP, as I do most components I've tried with that conditioner.
I haven't tried the PPP but i use BLACK NOISE FILTERs that nuforce sells. Was a big improvement!
this is a system related question: are you really driving ML Electrostatics with those amps ?
does it work ?
Jason at NuForce has doubts about the amps' ability feed hard to drive speakers. i have seen them drive DQ-20's impressively but have to ask the question.........................thanks, dan
Hi Dan they sound amazing with the ML. Raymond