Nuforce 9v2SE with Acoustic Zen Adagio

I just bought a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios and I see they have synergy with the class D or switching amps and I know there good with Red Dragons or Bel Canto but has anyone tried the Nuforce 9v2SE. The review by Robert H.Levi in Positive Feedback caught my attention when he said "more textural nuance than a Halcro or Boulder""comparable dynamic range to a Pass X350.5" "best solid state amp Ive heard to date"(I think that was 2007) Also any of you Adagio owners found a good center channel match for HT
I am sorry no experience with the nuforce.I do own the adagio and can tell you that i went from sim (85)watts to modwright kwi 200(200) watts to good effect.They certainly come to life with power.i also added some deadicated lines which really is a must if you own your own home or can get away with it(renting).
I do own Adagios and run a V3se into them with excellent results.I have a Theta tube pre( that sounds better than the LS26 I got rid of) and really like this combination,I mean I'm satisfied finally.Have a good listen.