Nuforce 9 SEV2 mated to Transporter - what pre?

I had my Nuforces for about 5 months now. I am thrilled at how these amps simply lack any sonic signature I can detect. Whatever I put around them simply seems gets amplified. Sorry I can't descibe what I'm hearing properly. Dead silence then music, all of it. But something is still missing.

I'd been using a SB3 that I modded and now own a Transporter. After a considerable amount of critical listening I have come to the conclusion that as clean and dynamic this combo sounds, it lacks soul. I knew beforehand that the omission of tubes in this setup would have to be addressed. My plan was to send the TP to Modwright and add the tube output stage. Now I've decided that before the TP gets modded, if it does at all, I want a tube preamp. My current setup is no preamp at all. I have some idea's from posts that I've read.

Dodd battery
Audio Horizon 2.1
Modwright 36.5

Thanks for your advice!
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All of the preamps you've listed will match well with NuForce 9SE V2 amps. It will come down to your personal prefrence in presentation. I'm pairing a deHavilland Mercury II with mine, and the presentation is stunning.(huge soundstage, excellent PRAT, and dead quiet). Jeff
Desalvo55 i am using a Audio Horizon 2.1 in balanced mode with my SE V2s. You can get a in home 30 day audition with Joseph and Audio Horizons.
I've seen a lot of posts regarding the AH 2.1. I noted that the options on that pre can really push the price. It's not a bad thing as it's nice to have options! I like the Dodd because I don't need a high dollar power cable and it seems to possess dead quite simplicity. I wish it had balanced connectors and a HT bypass but still workable. I'll check out the AH 2.1. and the deHAvilland Mercury II.

Have you experimented with isolation/dampening/decoupling devices in place of the stock feet?

I liked my MCH3SE-C7 (multi-channel, HT equivalent to the 9V2SE) when I first got it. However, over time it grew fatiguing especially with the brighter recordings at higher volume. I have essentially cured it now with a set of Finite Element Ceraball footer (or something equivalent, but I strongly caution against hard footers such as spikes as it will only exacerbate the problem) supporting the amp on top of an 1.5" chopping block. If that's not enough, try another set of Ceraball for your source (cd player) and pre. I found that the amp's extremely revealing nature merely points to system imbalance elsewhere if it isn't synergistic with its liking. Now, I love the set up and can enjoy music for hours at a time w/o fatigue but just pure enjoyment.

Hope this helps,

I highly recommend the Modwright 36.5
Kenk168 nailed this one. Excellent vibration control changes everything.
I don't have any direct isolation under my Nuforces or my Transporter. I do however have my devices sitting on the Adona isolation platform rack. I thought this might be enough. That being said I really don't experience listener fatigue on this setup, HOWEVER, my wife does. I chaulk it up to the tweeters used in my Def Tech BP2000's.

I know, I know, but hey, first off, I have a pair of LS-6's on order as well as a pair of their UFW12-HR subs which should provide an amazing combination - really amazing. I can tell you this. Def Techs never sounded so good. Stupid good considering their heritage..

Giving the nature of my setup, I find that it's the little things that mean a lot. Things like the difference between the Furutech plug and a Oyaide 079 plug - they sound different - the Oyaide perhaps too clean or sterile! Knowing that I will heed the advice given and try some isolation footers.
Thanks for the advice!
Not to hijack my own thread but I find a great number of isolation devices available at many price points. Is the Finite Element Ceraball one of the better ones?
Hi Desalvo55,

I've tried the following and the Finite Element remained the best for this application--Black Diamond racing cones, Vibrapods and cones, Spikes of variuos brand and material, cup-ball-cup variety, wood blocks, sorbathane, cork, etc...

The main thing to remember (in my experience anyway) is that the hard, spiky variety will bring out details where needed. On the other hand, the softer material will provide more warmth and smoothing effect. Know the nature of your components and provide the proper antidotes in the correct dosage. It's all about yin/yang balancing and synergy.


My Reflection Audio Quantum battery powered preamp is essentially on all the time as are the SE's. The ergonomic beauty of this setup is a very low consumption of AC at standby and the only component that needs to be turned on is the front end component to be used.

Personally, I'd stay away from tubes, A used Ayre K-1, either of the new Jeff Rowland's.

Well the performance of the AH 2.1 and the Dodd are as close as a C hair,simply a matter of choice.I have an AH and I'm very satisfied with the performance,especially at the price point.Interestingly enough,and I say this because someone else commented in this thread, the latest Rowland ss pre amp,Capri,is supposed to be a winner and equals or betters a REF 3.
"I like the Dodd because I don't need a high dollar power cable and it seems to possess dead quite simplicity. I wish it had balanced connectors and a HT bypass but still workable."

The Dodd battery pre has HT bypass as a standard feature. What the heck r u talking about?

I like mine quite a bit....