Nuforce 9.02s powering Maggies?

Does anyone have experience powering Maggies with a pair of NuForce 9.02 monoblocks? The NuForces are only rated at 160WPC but are extremely efficient. I currently use the amps to power some Von Schweikert VR4jrs and, according to my PS Audio Power Plant, are using somewhere in the range of 9-16 watts for a comfortable volume level in my room. Any experience...or speculations/predictions for a Nuforce/Maggie pairing would be appreciated!
Sorry....3.6R Maggies...for a starting point. Run a powered sub-woofer to augment the bottom end. - MDrummer01
OK then, 3.6R...I also own these.
Now, tell us more about yourself. What kind music, Classical, heavy death grunge, or Jazz?
How big is room, listen loud?
What color shorts do you wear when listening to music and do your socks generally match or no?
What is 'M' stand for in Mdrummer?..
Lets narrow this down and everyone happy.

How did you know I was dating?
The Maggie/Nuforce combination is a brainstorm that may come to fruition when a group from our local audio club gets together. Still too frickin' cold to get a real life here in Minneapolis. I am particularly curious to hear, if possible, the rendering of detail that would be heard w/ the pairing.
Listening room: 25'x12' (speakers on the short wall) w/9'celings.
Listen to female vocals, trio jazz, acoustic music, ECM recordings at the top of the list...moderate volume.
Shorts & socks??? Not on the the first date.
'M' in Mdrummer for 'modern'...I think. My then teenage son set up my email account and it stuck. I do play drums, less for a tip jar than for my personal mental health, also keeps my ears calibrated.
I've owned various models of Magnepan speakers over a 20 year span.In my opinion the Nu Force amps would be a less than desirable match.The speaker would not be performing to its potential with this amp,kinda like placing Walmart tires on a Porsche.In no particular order you may want to look at Bryston,or McCormack,both of these product lines deliver the goods with Maggies.
My initial thought was a lot like what you are saying...that to get the most from the Maggies, for the best dynamics and extension, drive 'em with a high WPC amp like Bryston. (I used to own a pair of 7BSTs and they easily drove multi-driver speakers like the Paradigm 100s.) So, in your opinion, would one want to steer clear of ANY Class D amp/Maggie pairing?
In my opinion the Nu Force amps would be a less than desirable match
What do you base that opinion on, Markwatkis?

Mdrummer, where do you live? Perhaps a nearby Audiogoner with Nuforce amps will be willing to bring them over for a listen with your Maggies.
Drubin: Actually, I own a set of NuForce 9.02s that have been modded(sp?) so they are more like the SE model but with a little more friend has the Maggies. So, an 'experiment' is possible without much to risk. I'm just wondering about the power requirements of those speakers, as we have blown a fuse on a Cary V12R (50 WPC triode) during a bass heavy passage before. The basic question in my mind is: How much Class D power do you need to drive a set of 3.6R Maggies?
When I heard the NuForce 9's, not on a 3.6 but on a similar planar design, the treble sounded hard and with some HF ringing that got in my ears and other places. These were not musical amps in my op. The tweeter/ribbon in 3.6 will take that hf irritation and magnify it, I think. Though without actually doing it isn't it hard to say?
What is Class D power? Is this something new?. The last time I looked a watt was still a watt, regardless of the source of the watt, it's still a unit of energies.
Drummer mention his amp being efficient...that is not relevant. A 160 watt efficient amp will output about the same as a 160 watt not efficient amp, it will just pull less from the wall outlet.
Your newforce has a good damping factor which is nice for the bass panel but not for the MR/TW
why don't you try it, if your friend is willing. Better would be to biamp if you can find gain adjust for the newforce, with V12 on top.
Otherwise this question really of how much power is impossible to what volume, what dynamic peaks, how far away do you sit etc long is that peice of string?

In response to Drubin, I base my opinion on market research and 30 years of knowledge.The most important ideal to strive for in any audio system,whether it is budget or $$$$$$$$$ is balance.
Nu Force amps are innovative and are quite impressive in a mid fi system,however,they do not have the necessary performance capabilities to complement the speakers.3.6's are a world class speaker and require a world class amp,anything less and you are short changing the speakers and yourself.
But have you heard Nuforce powering world-class speakers, or is it just your market research and 30 years of knowledge that tell you Nuforce can't possibly be up to the task? I'm not trying to be a dick, Mark, it's just that a lot people have jumped onto the bandwagon of dissing Class D amps without always giving them a fair hearing (not saying you are one of them). Nuforce may suck with Maggies, but it could be great, too.
Not dissing Class D,comments were specific to subject which is Nu Force amp.Now the Spectron Signature,well thats a whole different animal.
I have personally heard the No Force 9.02 amps with 3.6r's and 20.1 maggies . They make sound and clearly not music . They are harsh in the high end and lack current drive . I also substituted in an old Adcom GFA 535 for fun . That old amp embarrased the No Force 9.02's . 60 watts per channel Adcom walked all over the 9.02's . Crazy but true .

Lively thread. Punkawalla: regarding your 'what is Class D power?' 4/9 post, what I meant to say is Class D AMP power...meaning a switching amp. Though a watt is a watt etc., 50 WPC coming from an SS amp makes a speaker perform differently than 50 WPC of triode tube I'm wondering where Class D amp power fits in that whole paradigm. For now, I'd like to just try the Nuforce/3.6 Maggie combo and report back here. This gathering will not happen until Saturday, 4/21, so mark yur calendar (if you care.) Many thanks to all who have contributed thus far. - Steve
Hey go for it. I use the Nuforce 9.02 amps on a pair of Maggie 1.6's and they work pretty well! I have used the maggies with VAC and Odyssey Extreme amps (the Odyssey's pretty good by the way)and I like the Nuforce maggie 1.6 combo the best. The bass is great and the midrange was REALLY good. However I don't have any experience with the 3.6's. You might want to call John at the cable company and ask him about the 3.6 nuforce combo. He has tried the two together and he really likes the sound. I will say that the comment about the ringing effect is acurate. I have found that it is somewhat speaker cable dependent. I also know that the 9.02SE is suppose to have eliminated the problem.

Best wishes

Hmmm.....interesting thread. Most of our customers own Maggies.

Oh, well.....whatever.
Which supports my belief that many consumers believe the most important component in a system are speakers.
It all begins at the front end.If I may draw an analogy.You
shoot a photo with an inferior camera,you get a grainy picture,you enlarge it,looks even worse,and then you place it in an expensive frame.You've still got the blurred picture,correct.
Unless you have a musically accurate source it doesn't matter what dollars you spend downstream.
True, but the variability between sources (applies to amplifiers too) is far, far less than between speakers and how they relate to your room. Imagine you put together two identical systems. Then, you make a substitution for the CD player in one of them. You'll hear a difference. Reset. Then substitute the speakers in one of the systems. In most cases, I think the differences you will hear will be far greater and more musically important than with the CD swap. Of course, YMMV.
A distortion is a distortion,if it's at the front end it
can't be corrected by components downstream.
As on owner of 3.6/R Maggies, I would be VREY careful about overdriving the Maggies and clipping with only 160 wpc.

IMHO the minimum begins at 300 wpc into 4 ohms. Yes, you can listen at lower levels with far less power, but when it comes time to turn it up with whatever is your favorite the need for substantial power raises its head.

Good luck, I will be interested in your report on the experiment.
SORRY TO SAY...the gathering, w/ the possible Nuforce/Maggie pairing, originally planned for 4/21 has been postponed to sometime in May. Rpcoins: I see your point, and from my perspective that would be the sole factor regarding NOT trying this configuration. Thanks!
Are the Nuforce not 160 into 8 and double into 4?....therefore 320w into the Maggie?....if so, you all crazier than I am.

The Nuforce are 300w into the 3.6's 4 ohms with a 650w I missing something other than the obvious?
Thanks, Rooze. You want a professional ask a pro! "I can see clearly now the haze is 'gon..."