Nuforce 9.02 + Eggleston speakers

Is this a good idea? I have been considering a H20 amps for a while because I read that they mate really well, but a used pair of nuforce speakers seems like a possibility. Do the Nuforce monos have the juice necessary to bring out the best in Egglestons? Anyone with experience with this pairing?

Don't do it... I tried the Nuforce 9s on my pair of Andra IIs, and the results were disappointing. Flat soundstage, mediocre tonality, and the combination had no redeeming sonic qualities whatsoever. No synergy whatsoever.
The Reference 9SE's are NuForce's best sounding amps (most articulate, extended bass and most detail and focus). I'd go for those as long as the Andra's are at least 86dB/watt sensitive. Remove the sound-degrading speaker output capacitors when you get them and you'll be very pleased.
Thank you both for your input.

I agree with 1markr, if you read my "answers" you will see what I have been up too with trying "ice" amps. The Andra's are just way to good for that.

Currently my set-up is McIntosh 501's, ARC Ref3 pre., sources; ARC cd3 MK2 as a transport going through Accustic Arts Dac1 MK4 along with McIntosh 300 Music Server for back ground music going through the Dac also. I am getting a Accustic Arts Drive 1-MK2 to compare against the ARC cd3 MK2.

Cables Stealth Sextet digital
Virtual Dynamics Revelation in balance mode, I ordered some Genesis 6 ft bi-wire speaker cable, should be interesting.

I am waiting for a Supratek Sauv. line stage, suppose to be better then the Ref3.

I am also going to try the Bent Tap.

I just got the Accustic Arts dac wow!
you know, every time i've asked jason a question along that line, he'd generally underestimate his amps. yet, the public, out there would generally say the little buggers can pretty much handle whatever is thrown at them .........dan
03-02-07: Dev

I agree with 1markr, if you read my "answers" you will see what I have been up too with trying "ice" amps. The Andra's are just way to good for that.

FYI, NuFORCE are NOT ICE based amps
using 9v2se with original andras, works great
To bring out the best in any speaker one needs to find out what amplification the designer used in his development process. Some designers may be hesitant to offer this information for many reasons. Even so, there could easily be an amplifier who's presentation will be more to your own personal taste.

I own Avalon Eidolons and a solid state, tube, and a pair of NuForce 9SE version one's upgraded to version three. The Eidolons are revealing enough to easily hear differences in most cable designs. The SE's offer the most unfatiguing presentation especially at high volume of anything I've heard in my system to date. I've read were some find the SE's high level of transparency analytical or cold. Their transparency is high but the rest may be a combination of the speaker and subjective taste.

My other amplifiers have their strong points and their weaknesses. I like them all but the switchers get played the most.

Switching amplifiers are as varied in design as are tube and solid state designs and generally require more effort to integrate into a system than the other types. Volts AC, cable selection, RF and EMI, can have enormous detrimental effects on many switching amplifiers.

Whenever I read disparaging remarks toward switching amplifiers it's usually from someone who just plopped the amp in their system to negative effect. Regardless of everything I've said switching amps are not for everyone and should only be auditioned in your system.

The last time I listened to a pair of Eggleton's they were stunning with VTL electronics.