Nueance shelf

After fallowing many threads here on audiogon(GLAD YOUR BACK)Ive changed my system to the light rigid point of view.The Neuance shelf now sits on a solid light weilded stand with 2 shelfs only.Each shelf is cross braced with weilded points 1in high,neuance on top,CDP with factory cones and coasters.(wadia 861)The improvement with the shelf is a more relaxed and focused presentaion, The P.R.A.T has finally been acheived with help from fellow members KEN of GREATERANGES REDKIWI, and the many others this approach does work.I just wish Ken would design a shelf for my 75lb tube amps.
Ass. Equip.
wadia 861
nordost quatrafill
papworth audio m200s (240 watt tubes amps)
Syn.Des. Ref.speaker cable
Dunlavy SC4a,s
PC. Cardas Golden Ref.
Audioprism Foundation 111 (my next upgrade)
Its this forum that many out here in web space can learn and share expereinces that work and dont.
evo845: i believe that you can get custom-ordered shelves from neuance that will support your amps. email or phone ken for particulars. -kelly
...also, I think that A'goN member DeKay is a good source on the ways of things Nueance. You might want to look up Nueance on the forums search function, or drop DeKay an e-mail from the member look-up. Good luck/results.
Hi Evo845, I asked Ken in April or May if he had any Neuance boards for amps. He said he should have them ready at the end of summer. If his boards do for my amp as it did for my CDP, I will be thrilled. I guess I will have to get one for my pre-amp also. IMO the Neuance boards are the most effective tweek I have come across for this application.
Thank-you for the Neuance thread Evo. I was also going to start a similar one. As a lot of you may know I've had a sandstone base set on a stone hearth for my "stand" with the equipment lined up next to each other. This summer I too took the "light/rigid" approach. It turns out that Ken had been experimenting with some rack systems that would be a good fit for the shelves. The Mana racks were in his brochure so I looked there first but on Kens recommendation found the "APOLLO ARIA" system out of Great Britain. These racks are supplies from May Audio in NY. The rack is extremely easy to assemble, very rigid,spiked to the floor and uses upturned spike to support the Neuance. May Audio will supply sets by request, i.e. no standard MDF or glass shelves, extra spikes, etc. they are extremely friendly to work with and the cost is about 1/3 the Mana; May Audio (716) 283-4434.

I ended up using Neuance for both of my Alioa amps, Aloia pre-amp, Hydra power conditioner and the SCD-1 SACD player. The shelves just arrives last week and per Redkiwi's recommendation they are settling in for another week. I also bought 20 EAR feet per Redkiwi's recommendation to try out different uses. Already the sound is smoother and more pleasing, I plan to write a review once I've had more time to try different combinations of footers. For now I just wanted to support Evo's findings and let people know of a excellent shelf unit that has the endorsement of Neuance.

P.S. Ken is a great guy, if you want anything just drop him a note.
Hi JD. As I can't find Ken, would you know the weight limit for the present Neuance? I'm in the +50pounds / piece range for CDP & pre, and want to avoid cones for fear of earthquakes...

I received my shelf last week and was askinf Ken if there was one availeble for my 73-75lb amps and he said No the weight limit was 50lb with a 15lb fudge factor. On Ken recommendation I maid a DIY for my amps.