NuBe Advice needed

We just inherited some older higher end equiptment (think McIntosh MC352 era). We would like to keep a setup for ourselves, and sell some to pay the taxes. What is the best way to do that?  I am so nervous about how not to get burned, and making sure it gets to where it's going without harn. I know we will have to have someone come to help set it up. Any advice?
Google the model numbers of what you want to sell and see what comes up; ebay, or whatever and see what other units of the same type sell for. Keep in mind that a lot of older vintage amps and speakers may need to be refurbished before being used successfully; like capacitors in the amp and the surrounds on the speaker cones. But if the stuff you want to sell currently "works" without evident problem, let someone else pay to refurbish it. That's the way I would approach your situation.
Bsmg gave good advise on selling the components you want to sell.

I use FedEx to ship electronics. If you don't have original shipping box for a piece of equipment You may want to consider letting FedEx do the packaging. I always use a double box system. 
Depending on area you live in you might find a good soul on these forums who is local and could help you out.

With both setup of a system for yourselves and to check out the remaining gear and "roadtest" it for worthiness for sale.

Do not be afraid to reach out there are some very good people in these forums.
We live in the Minneapolis area. We did find someone to help with the setup for a fee.
Hopefully there maybe a member here who lives in MN area who could help you out without charging you a fee.
Bit of a haul from Florida I am afraid...…..