NU-Vista M3 vs Tri-Vista 300 Integrated Amplifier

I would like to know how the Nu-Vista M3Integrated Amplifier compares sonically to the Tri-Vista 300 Integrated Amplifier?
I have never heard the Nu Vista, but I own a Tri Vista and it ROCKS...I have owned Sim Audio, Rowland, McIntosh, Tandberg and a couple of others, the Tri Vista is the most musical and warm unit I have ever run across. It has lots of power so if your speakers are not the most efficient on the problem. I bought mine used on AudioGon and could'nt be happier. Hope this helps a little.
The sound of the Nu-vista is more musical and involving. I know both amps very well. The tri-vista has more control in the low freq. The Nu-vista is better built than the Tri-vista. The Tri-vista is more analytical compared to the Nu-vista.
It is definitely analytical. I played Witchy woman off my Eagles Eagles greatest hits DCC LP and the soundstage is so deep that the lead guitar solo disappeared to the rear of the soundstage. I noticed the same thing on some other MFSL lps. it is as if the inner works of recordings are revealed through the Tri-vista.
Anyhow, I purchased one through audiogon and am very happy with it. My Nu-Vista 3D CD player is on its way. But too my ears LPès are still king.
I had both - running with the Nuvista CD and B & W 803d's. The Nuvista was better as the Trivista was a little harsh. I always had MF for years...until I heard Chord and then I sold them. The Chord Blu/Dac and Chord 3000 pre / 1200C power together with B & W 802d are truly awesome. Im selling my Chord CPA 2200 pre...
I have a Tri-vista myself and using it with focal electra 1027 be .. completes eachother.. Trivista is musical and powerful at the same time but not as soft as full tube. one of the best integrateds ever.